Monday, October 10, 2005

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Mr. Allyfeel woke me up at 12am this morning and gave me a birthday kiss. Rubbing my eyes, I said “Thank you darling”.

“Would you like to see the birthday card?” He said.

“Ok”, I gulped down a mouthful of water before going downstairs.

He has arranged for a silver wrapped present nicely seated on top of the coffee table.

“Wow, thanks darling”, I kissed and hugged him.

I opened the Birthday card and start reading it:

Especially for you Darling,
“Words can say so little when someone means so much.”

Opened inlay, Ooppss…an ang pao packet dropped out. I held the ang pao and continued reading…

Dearest Darling (my name),

It’s hard to tell you why I love you
Or why I’m so happy you’re in my life.
There are few words for feelings as warm,
as deep, as special as my feelings for you.

It’s hard to tell you how much
you mean to me, how much I treasure
the memories we’ve shared,
or how much I look forward to our future.
But I can tell you one thing
that matters most of all…
I love you, and I always will.

Happy (age) Birthday!

Love always,

Allyfell melted already. Felt very touched and bear hugged hubby again.

“Open la and see, not much la but for you only” hubby said.
I opened the ang pao and saw the contents and very very happy, I bet you can’t see my eyeballs. Hihihihi….

I proceeded to unwrapping the present, wow; it’s a bottle of BE DELICIOUS perfume from DKNY. A tube of lotion and a free duo color DKNY bag as well. Haha I sent him an image of that perfume few months back asking him to buy for me. Allyfeel was very delighted.

Hubby than said, darling come play “Hot and Cold” with me.

What is “Hot and Cold arr?” I asked.

“Ok, now you stand there, the neutral spot, now you move about la, I will say warm, warmer, cold or hot.”

“Allyfeel moved one step backward”

“Cold”, uttered hubby.

I then moved forward close to him, he said warmer, so I thought ok warmer, and I Iwent to sit on top of him, he said warmer also. Hmm…scratch head, what is this all about? Ok nvm, I walked towards the perfume and picked it up to kiss (so silly). Then, hubby said, it has got nothing to do with that. Ok, so I walked big big step behind the couch, ohh…he said warmer in high tone. I moved big step sideway, moved, moved….Ouch! I stumbled on something hard.

Surprise!!! There was another present wrapped in a messy candy shape with masking tape all over on the floor. What a charmer my darling. I shake the candy box? What is this? “Guess?” hubby urged.

“Hmm… pictionary?
“Ok, I will open.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH…..darling, you don’t have to do this…Allyfeel almost fainted.” It’s a Samsung 3G phone, SGH-Z500.

Now I feel so bad that I made him spend so much on me. But I promised him I will be a better wife and mother. Thank you for your love darling. Thank you for taking care of me and given me the best in my life. I love you very much not because you bought me present but because you are a wonderful hubby. I am the luckiest woman.

Some other gifts I have received from my best friends. Thanks for the thoughts girl.

Oh ya.. Krazie*Angel Thanks for the cute poem.

Here is a birthday wishes from her to me.

A Birthday Wish for Allyfeel

Dear Allyfeel,We have been working together and are friends for a long time. I wanna take this special day, your special day, to wish you the most wonderful birthday today and tomorrow and the next day and the next month and the next year and many many years to come. I also wanna thank you for your friendship all these while. It has been a pleasure to have a friend like you. Here is a cute poem for especially for you, Allyfeel.

Happy -0th Birthday
Happy Birthday, my dear friend
That zero on the end
Means nought to me
O, share your sunniest smiling face
And let me circle you around with my embrace.


mumsgather said...

Happy Birthday to Allyfeel. Hahahaha. Hubby made you melted like butter liao!!!!

Metria said...

Happy birthday, BB's mummy! What a nice hubby you got ;)

Annie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Allyfeel. Wow, what a hubby u have!! Luckiest woman!

Allyfeel said...

Hey everyone, Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. Ya..I know I must cherish what I have. ^___^

*busy as a bee*.

krazie*angel said...

Hope you like the silly poem. Like I said in my blog, we still have to do lunch to celebrate you getting older. He he he. It is a belated one, hope you don't mind.

maria said...

Happy Belated Birthday! many gift! so envy leh...
it show tht you really a very good wife in your hubby's heart lor :D.

Allyfeel said...

Thanks Krazie*angel.

Maria, Really arrr...I think so also la..Thanks for the wishes.

Greenapple said...

hey, happy belated b-day.

your husband is so sweet! those were some awesome surprise!

glad that you had great fun. may you have many more great years to come.

A-Li said...

ai yo yo, must be your story related to him about haz that prompted him to be more creative. so happy for you and man, it is touchy...big hug to you too for you are not only a good wife and a good mother, you r a great friend to me!