Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Busy weekend

It has been a very busy week for me. First my father-in-law’s RM800 went missing within 2 weeks, my maid and my mum-in-law’s maid were suspected being the culprits. MIL told me to check on her belongings back home on Saturday. So hubby and I have to pakat a bit la; we all went out together and hubby brought bb and maid to the kidz gym while I drove the car back home to start my investigations. I put on my shower cab, glove, I am very serious and pro one. Why shower cab? Coz I don’t want my hair to drop inside the room. *hehe*. I checked every single corner, drawers, under the bed, pockets…etc. Other then a panty liner, pencil and eraser which was mine, there was nothing much…oh ya and a pile of letters from don’t know who.

While I was searching, I was telling myself that I hope I can’t find anything. I like this maid of mine after changing the last two but you may not know what they will do to your family. Before she starts hurting us, I must take action. My MIL told me that nowadays maid steal money and burry them in the garden also. Sigh, they have never stopped all this tricks. I remember my MIL’s ex maid had 2 hand phones and they sms each other everyday. It’s really hard to control. Now that she has a Cambodian maid, she looks pleasant and innocent but you will never know; my MIL found 20 one ringgit coins in her pants.

Secondly, I have to tidy up all messy things in my study room. Hubby already sounded me. I can’t recall since when I became so messy, can’t stand it myself too. Every time I wanted to tidy up, bb will call or I will have something to attend to. I used to be a clean freak that liked to arrange books in straight line on the book shelf, like things to look tidy, clean and nice and I was quite a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist is tiring I think; I learnt to let loose after bb is born and now I have become very messy and lazy. What can I do?

My new goal:
I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy.

Then, I hope I have some time to relax also le. Even though I have a day off on Monday, I still feel so tired and worn out. Hope the remaining of the week will be a fruitful one.


Poulotte said...

Wah, you sound like a CSI agent. He he he. Frankly, if they want to steal, they will find a way to hide the money. I hope you F-I-L find his money again. And I hope none of them steal the money or else the trust will be gone.

Tips to be tidy - always put back things where you have taken them. Never ever leave them to "do that when I am free" coz by the time you want to do it, things are already pilling up.

He he he, now my mom is staying with me, so my house is super clean and neat. even I dunno where some of my stuff are being placed now!

Allyfeel said...

Thanks for your tips to be tidy poulotte! I think it's a treasure to have parents to stay with you. Like the Chinese saying 家有一老如有一宝。

Annie said...

Wah, sounds like professional forensic like that...but u din find the money, did u? Wonder why she want to take ur pantyliner? Buy a box for her lar, she'll be shock! *wah, macam mana nyonya tau saya suka ini???* hehe just joking!

maria said...

manyak CSI you watch kah? hahaha...

8sigh* me too a neat freak, now? don't even mention you want to come to my house! I will freak out, because my house so untidy hahaha...

Allyfeel said...

Annie, Nope, I didn't find any money. Aiyo.. can also la but I think I will buy her the normal pad, left one only in her drawer. Hmm...I think perhaps she is curious la, why this pad so thin one. **___**

maria, here and there la CSI when my hubby watch, I watch tru calling..hehe
Ya, what a drastic change...women

mumsgather said...

I'm trying to imagine you in shower cap and snooping around. haha. fuihyoh, no joke this detective!

Allyfeel said...

Wahsai MG, u remind me of an ugly "AH SO" trying to be a detective. Aiyooo so malu la. I must go home and blame my shower cap first...*&%^$#@... ;)