Friday, October 28, 2005

A day of bb's life

Bb was very active as usual at MIL house. But yesterday he fell in front of the main gate when trying to answer the maid’s called from the neighbor. It caused him to have deep red scratch on his elbow and knee. It looks like 3 lines of cat’s claw scratch. But the brave boy didn’t cry. He continued playing as usual. By the time I saw him, it was in the evening. It has formed a thin layer of dry and deep red skin. The maid said sorry to me as it was her duty to look after him even MIL is around. I said ok, just be more careful next time. Well, I think its part of growing up for kids to have such accident. I didn’t make a fuss out of it la.

He was as happy as usual despite having those red marks on his hands and knee. He kicked balls, tossed it to the goal basket, running around, playing with my hand phone watching his favorite movie which I captured for him when we went out sometime. He loves looking at them everyday. I think he is a bit vain, he loves looking at his own photos and himself in the mirror. Perhaps he is proud of his own appearance.

After dinner, he will automatically help his kakah to fold his mattress which was in the hall and put them away to the guest room. Then, proceeded to kiss and hug both MIL and FIL and his favorite yeye (SIL). After all the good night gestures, he picked up his security blanket, his favorite baby doll and headed home with me in my car. He had a phobia earlier when I left him alone in his father’s car. The maid was putting on some cloths at the back of the car while the thunder and lightning strike. He was frighten and cried so hard. From that day onwards, he refuses to sit in the father’s car unless I am in. I guess he needs some time to grow out of that fear.

When we reach home, usually he would have fallen asleep but not yesterday. When I put him in the bed and slept with him, he wants to play naming game. He pointed his finger to my nose and I said nose. And I pointed back to his mouth; he said mouth while sucking his water. He is able to mumble with his tongue underneath the bottle’s nipple. It’s quite cute one when he talked like that. Don’t know how we play and play tickling, I tricked him by pretending to sleep then tickle him again, he laughed non stop. I know I shouldn’t have done that but it was fun. I did it again. This time the little fellow tried to revenge, he tricked me back by scratching my forehead with his right hand while pretending to rest flat.

“Ouch! don’t scratch mommy, it’s painful one you know”. I don’t think he knows, after a while he did it again, this time he scratched my nose bridge near to my left eye. “Oucchhh!!!!” I jumped up from the bed. “doink” It was really hurtful, I touched it with my index finger and I saw blood stain. Shit! It was really red and painful. I got so angry and hit his palm to warn him. He laughed. Oh boy, the fire was burning inside me. I smacked his backside real hard until he burst out crying in pain. Hubby came in to see what happened. I asked to take him away. I had an embossed 8mm long scratch and another 5mm maroon red patch beside my nose bridge. Die liao, I have turned from a pretty mommy to a pirate mommy whom has scar- like face.

The poor boy cried non stop and still wanted me to carry him. He knew he has made a huge mistake and I was very angry. I refused to carry him until hubby told him, “BB say sorry to mommy”. He was very quiet with tears all over his face. I said, “you said sorry first then mommy sayang you” He kept quiet again. Ok you follow mommy say “sooooory”, he said it eventually. I kissed, hugged him tight and told him not to repeat the action again. After a while, he fell asleep on my chest.

Oh poor boy! He is so tiny yet need to learn so many growing up things. Kesian boy, what a day for him. I stroked his hair and face many times after he slept, guilty of what I did.


jazzmint said...

poor mommy's nose...hope next time he knows when mommy is angry means business!!

Allyfeel said...

Ya, I think he knows now. He is very careful with his fingers now with my face. Much gentle than before...:) Phew!

Zara's Mama said...

I think he got too carried away playing, and probably didn't realise he'd hurt you.