Thursday, October 27, 2005

The yoga baby

Bb is very flexible with his body, when he throws tantrum, he can bend his back like how yoga expert bend them. When he is angry, I always tease him, “uh..uh….u doing yoga ah, bb?” while holding his back and make his head touch the floor. Then he will mix laughing with crying, don’t know which is which. Hehe…

The other day when we visited the Sony fiesta in KLCC convention centre, bb saw an uncle demonstrating yoga moves, and he actually imitated lifting his leg with one hand in front of everyone. Kekekeke….very funny, bb made mommy laugh non stop.

Last night, I showed bb how to lift up one leg sitting down and moved my foot to touch my face. “Bb, try this, can you do it?” He didn’t try, instead he tried to instruct and pull my leg above to reach my shoulder. “Whao, you want to be mommy’s instructor ar bb?”


Greenapple said...

sweet. next time maybe he can be the sifu and invent more yoga post ... haha.

hey, make him do tree post, should look adorable. =)

Allyfeel said...

Ya only if he is interested.

Good suggestion, tree post would be cute to see how he balance himself. haha!

Zara's Mama said...

They are so flexible isn't it? Sometimes like contortionist. :P