Thursday, October 06, 2005


Today is the second day of bulan puasa, there are some Melayu songs playing in the background. My colleagues were all very semangat and don’t look tired at all. I am the one that look so sleepy and lethargic pula. I feel so embarrassed la, got to grab a cup of coffee. Woi pal, I think it’s the song that made me so dopey le.


maria said... lousy lar...
did you see the front page of today Star, the picture of two girls waiting for their meal, why make the whole event looks so sad and torture huh?

Allyfeel said...

yes maria, I know I am lousy....:P
I saw, looks so torturing, I prefer to see the other kid in the inlay, he still help his aunty to sell beverages despite the hungryness. Good Boy!

krazie*angel said...

i think the boring job is making you sleepy too. anyway, go for a strol outside when you are sleepy :P

Allyfeel said...

Wow... How I wish hor like we used to do that in the ex company. Go out for 2 hr lunch shopping in KLCC. hehehehe