Wednesday, October 12, 2005

South Asia Quake Fund

Aiyoo..I feel so bad after seeing and reading photos of earthquake victims from Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. *teary eyes*. Tried to look for a way to send donation like how it used to be for Tsunami victims, this time The Star only have a direct debit account for donation through Maybank Account.

The Star has launched a South Asia Quake Fund to help the earthquake victims in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.You can contribute to the fund by sending your donations to
Maybank Account No. 5621-7950-4126

Photo source :TheStar


krazie*angel said...

It is indeed so sad to see disasters and destructions happening one after another all over the world. I wonder if they are signs that the world is coming to and end soon.

Metria said...

My organisation has set up an emergency appeal ... but it's in Australia and you'll have to donate in aussie dollars. Anyway if you would like to donate there go to

Allyfeel said...

I think I prefer to donate it in Ringgit Malaysia.:)