Wednesday, October 19, 2005


It has been a very busy two weeks. First, loads of office work to complete and secondly I was helping my husband with some of his biz work after work, and thirdly, my pc was attacked by Trojan Vundo. That’s why I didn’t have time to blog and read blog.

As I was leaving to work today, I saw bb staring at me from the window waving bye bye and blowing flying kisses, I feel so sorry that I didn’t spend enough time with him lately. When I do get to see him at night, he has already fallen asleep. I only spend an hour with him this morning. It’s indeed very crazy and hectic schedule.

Everything is almost over now. A few more things to help and I would go back to my normal lepak routine. Feeling very zombie and had deeper double eyelids today as I had only slept for 4 hours. But I have discovered one thing after withdrawing from the design realm for a year; I can never work this wild and crazy anymore. I just lack the stamina as I age. I am glad I am no longer in this line but pity my hubby, he is still working very hard. I kesian him sometimes, I think I must show him more love and take care of him by making him nicer “po” soup.


maria said...

It is very tough being a working mom, everytime I read the working mom's blog, I can't help but "whao...uh...gosh...sayang..."
since your hectic moment have over, take some time off?

Allyfeel said...

ya...lucky the holiday season is approaching. Can haev some rest.