Friday, October 07, 2005

Fun drive

BB often asks to drive hubby and my car whenever we come home from work. He will turn the steering, (that means mama and papa need to spend more money on alignment..:() push the gear, on the radio, on the lights, swish the wiper, open and close the car door and go on and on making noises. That’s his routine play everyday. If he doesn’t get it or if he has been promised and didn’t get it, he will be very mad.

Last evening, I have got him a remote control toy car. Exchanged it with “Co***ay” voucher for FREE. He was very happy as it’s his favorite red car. He was enthusiastic enough to help me to obtain some batteries and slot it in the battery compartment.

Swoooosh…when the car started moving, he was over excited, screaming and laughing so loudly until the neighbors also can hear. He ran crazily away from the car. It seems geli to him that the car will move and turn by itself. (The remote control ma bb…) He doesn’t dare to touch it when it's moving. He ran and climbed wildly towards grand ma. After all fun giggled and chuckled, he laid flat on the marble floor.

Hey, what are you doing there? I asked.

He smiled broadly.

I think he was resting after a fun drive.


krazie*angel said...

it is so easy to make a child happy. i wonder where is the simplicity to laugh from the heart when we are an adult. did we become more demanding? or less satisfied with what we already have?

btw, that a cute red car.

Allyfeel said...

Perhaps we have grown to be more sophisticated, complicated and materialistic to enjoy the simple laugh from the heart.

mumsgather said...

yes! yes! my kids also like that when it comes to the remote control car. very excited running all over the place.

Allyfeel said...

Ya MG, they look so cute and happy when they giggle non stop. I also follow and laugh loud loud.

maria said...

ah... the looks of contented and truely happy :)...