Monday, October 31, 2005

Cosmo's theme park

Sunday had been a fun day for bb and me. Hubby brought us to Time Square’s indoor Cosmo's theme park. According to Guinness Book of Record, it’s the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia. It was huge and there were crowds gathered around to see people in the roller coaster screaming wildly. It was an energetic surroundings with many stalls selling food, idol posters, hand wax craft service, bags, toys and…etc

Bb was excited looking at the spectacular scenes but holding on tight to me and patted his chest once in a while to indicate he was scared. We went one floor up to Kids zone. Hubby paid RM75 for admittance. Bb is FREE as he is still under 3 years old.

We put on a tag and walked into the entrance. Whao! Very nice! Bb opened his eyes big big. It’s so colorful. It looked like a small little sweet town that filled with busses, train, ship, playground, cars, insects, flowers, large fruits, vegetables, grass, aliens and little people. We hopped right into the merry go round. We didn’t choose those flying bees, horses, and chickens, as bb was not quite use to the new environment yet. So we all sat inside a turning teacup. We went merry go round and round for many rounds. Luckily we never experience pening kepala.

Then we proceeded to travel the entire town by train. We went thru two dark tunnels; one with glowing fishes above the ceiling and on both sides of the wall, the other with loads of spider webs. BB was amazed with his glowing blouse button as well. Bb was behaving extremely quiet.

So I ask: “bb, do you want to ride that flying Bee?" Bb patted his chest again, scared.

Hubby said: “How come you are so scared-y cat one?”

Mommy said: “He definitely didn’t get it from me, I did bungee jump before. It must be from you la papa, scared-y cat…”

Hubby: “Your head la”

Mommy: “My head is here…hehehehe”

Hearing the statement, bb pointed to his head, hahahaha.

“Oh clever boy, that’s your head,” I said.

"Can mommy ride that crazy bus with you bb?"

Bb, “CAN”…

I persuaded him to ride the crazy bus, and sang to him to make him feel better “the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…”

Then, we played for a while in the kidz playground. We stopped over at the pirate ship and bumper car, unfortunately bb is too young to play. After that, we went over to the flying bees. He refused to sit at first but after much sweet talk, we finally settled in one cute Bee with headlights and long eyelashes. I pushed the button up to make the bee fly high above while bb looked on with big and unblinking eyes. Hubby took photos of us outside the fence.

We then rushed to take a photo with alien mascot. Snap, snap, snap with alien signing I love you on his fingers. Bb shook hand with uncle alien.

It was about 5:20pm before we left the park. Bb boy was very exhausted. While we were in the car park, he opened a car door of others thinking that was his father’s car.

“B, why r u so blur blur one?”

Once he was in his car seat, he had his milk and fell straight to his dreamland.

What an exciting day!


maria said...

emm...very nice place wor, I think my girls will love it too.
Is it unlimited ride?
Last time we went, after we calculated the fees (I think more than RM100, for three adults) so we gave up :(.

Zara's Mama said...

Was it worthwhile for a kid his age?

Do you think there's many rides for todler?

Asking you because the place look nice (your photos), maybe should bring Zara there too.

Allyfeel said...

Maria, yes it is unlimited ride. Adult RM25, kids RM15, todler below 3 Free admission.

Zara's mama, there are quite a number of rides u can take with zara. The wonderful thing is, parents can ride together. It's worth it I think. Go ahead and bring zara.