Thursday, October 20, 2005

Recycling activity

I was just wondering how many of us Malaysian housewives recycle products that we have used? Most of us will think, aiyooo…. so leceh la, no need to separate la, just throw in the rubbish bin will do. Initially I was like that too when my hubby told me that. He said the rubbish men will separate them one la. But my gut feeling told me that they won’t. So I started to separate them myself, first, those soft drink cans in one plastic bag, then used glass like chicken essence, milk powder tin, plastics in another. Unfortunately, I became slack as time pass by. Never border la…I thought.

But few months back, I got to know a recycle program put up by Tzu-Chi Malaysia. A member, kind lady explained to me that all recycled goods that they collected will be sold to contractors for recycling. The money will be used for charity.

Fuiyoh… not bad le, can protect the environment and do charity at the same time with some rubbish that I will throw away anyway, I thought. Then me and my mission started few months back. I kept all my aluminum cans, milk powder tin, glass, sauce bottles, plastics, paper boxes, detergent containers and etc…

After a few months, finally last Sunday, I drove to BP petrol station in SS2 PJ (they are just right beside BP petrol station facing the main road). I gave them all away to Tzu-Chi. It was a rainy morning, but members of Tzu-Chi dressed in blue T-shirt and white pants with their raincoat working diligently digging and separating rubbish that were drove to them. It was like a mini rubbish city. They had lorry and big bin to segregate them accordingly. I feel so good after doing this recycling activity. I would like to urge everyone to do the same too if I have a chance. Save the resources, recycle to reduce the volume of rubbish produced and make the vicinity a better place.

Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society Malaysia (KL centre) organize recycling activity every third Sunday of the month.
Time: From 8:00am to 11:00am.

Recyclable items:
Paper – All sorts of paper *you don’t get money selling it, it’s for charity *
Aluminium – Soft drink cans, etc…rinsing is advised
Metal/Iron – beverage cans, tins, etc…rinsing is advised
Glass – Jam bottles, sauce bottles etc…rinsing is advised
Reusable shoes, hand bags, luggage, belts, etc…
Clothing – Men’s, ladies’, children’s or infants’ garments, etc…
Plastic – Mineral bottle, Shampoo and detergent containers, etc… rinsing is advised

Non-acceptable items:
1.5l soft drink bottle, oil container
Kitchen utensils, plastic bag, Styrofoam
Toys, bags, briefs, curtain, stocking, sofa, rags, bed sheet
Electrical devices, light bulb, bulky items and etc…

If you are interested, please give them a call for the venue nearest to your home.
Tel: 03-78809048



maria said...

eh, I did wor.
I always separated the plastic bottle, tin can, and paper. because I know the garbage man can sell it, I saaw them seperated the garbage before, so to save their time I do it lor.
as for the old newspaper I can exchange it with gas :) with the uncle .
so I just do what I can lor.

Allyfeel said...

High Five Maria!

Metria said...

Here it's easier, you have different bins for different things which you put out for the garbage truck to collect - one bin for papers/boxes/cardboard/glass/ recyclable stuff, another for your kitchen rubbish, and one more for your garden rubbish. I think it's more systematic and makes it easier for people to recycle :) Maybe the govt should introduce this system there too!