Monday, September 12, 2005


Sunday Morning – My hubby and I sort of had a disagreement on the way we feed bb medicine. Bb is down with slight sore throat and flu. If I were to feed him with the maid helping me, I will just shoot the meds and press his nose until I hear “Gallop”. Done!

But when hb is helping I can’t do that, he thinks my way will hurt and suffocate bb. Well, I think it is only common sense that kids know how to breath using their mouth automatically when the nose is block for just hardly 30 sec. Sigh!! We ended up having sour face and I kena long long lecture; I just kept quiet and didn’t talk to him for the whole morning and afternoon. There goes my Sunday.

Thank God, everything subsided and he brought us out for dinner and brought bb to KizSports & Gym in One Utama. Bb was very excited and I have never seen him run so fast and he actually screamed. It was a super bargain, RM 8 for unlimited play hours. Loads of activities- he kicked, he climbed, he ran, and he swooped. The whole family can play together including maids provided everyone wears socks. There were clean toilets, café bar with pop corns, sandwiches, muffins and drinks; prices were reasonable too.

After playing for one and a half hour…hehe….the little one was so exhausted and he became quiet, he clanged on to me and we decided to call it a day. The attendant was nice enough to give bb a balloon as a souvenir, we waved bye bye and good night to them and headed home happily.


mumsgather said...

Feeding bbs meds is really tough huh? We usually stuff the meds into bbs mouth when they are crying and mouth open big big! Pityful.

Allyfeel said...

You are damn right MG. So Tough!!!
My sis son is diffirent, he takes meds like sweet. Just swallow and don't give mummy hard times. How I wish bb is like that too.

Annie said...

I picit my daughter's nose too when I feed medicine. Luckily my hubby is agreeable to this!

Allyfeel said...

Lucky you! I got to try my persuasion power somemore...hehe...