Thursday, September 29, 2005

Banana beauty balm

My face was very dry, sensitive the other day and I was running out of hydrating mask. How ah? I remembered looking at some home remedies for beauty from the net. I left it in my car. I went looking for it and found this piece of economical way of hydrating my face. So I just picked up some ingredients from the kitchen.


½ fresh banana
1 tablespoon fresh heavy whipping cream, lightly warmed
1 teaspoon honey, lightly warmed
1 drop German chamomile essential oil
1 tablespoon finely powdered oats (add more if product seems runny, less if it seems too thick)

I substituted whipping cream with a tablespoon of my son’s milk powder *hehe*, I drop the essential oil, didn’t pound the oat. Add all the ingredients with a little bit of hot water, stir well and massage over skin/ face using gentle, sweeping motions. While waiting for it to dry before rinsing, I gobble up the remaining of the mixture for my supper while watching my favorite Chinese sitcom. *yummy*

It was quite cool, cheap ingredients, no need to buy expensive mask. Enjoy!


Poulotte said...

Does the mask work? Is it nice?

Sounds cool. But if I need to do that mask, I would need to buy almost all the ingredients except honey :P

Allyfeel said...
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Allyfeel said...

Yes, It's quite nice. Very cheap and easy too. Don't mind trying it again. ;)

mumsgather said...

Your mask sounds err.... delicious! Hahaha.

humblewarrior said...

Hey, thanks for sharing. I think I need some.

maria said...

found you very much like my sister, she love to DIY soap, moisuariser and mask too.
agree with MG, your mask sound yummy, hahaha... no wander the skin also love to "eat".

Allyfeel said...

MG, that's why I ate the remaining after my skin had enough..kekeke

Maria, no choice lo..DIY is cheaper ma, can't afford to spend like pipe leaking already. Moreover, it's fun.

humblewarrior, u look very familiar...u're welcome, glad u like it, try em.