Friday, September 16, 2005

My yoga teacher

My back is so aching after yoga last night. It was very taxing but enjoyed it very much. 2 more weeks, I am gonna stop going to my teacher for yoga. I feel a little sad. She is good just that I wanted a more convenient place to practice.

I went to Midvalley and got her a chocolate green tea moon cake (wonder how it taste like) and Jasmine green tea from purple cane for her. I want to thank her for being my yoga shi fu so serve her tea lo.

She always cracked jokes to make classes lifelier. She speaks like Taiwanese, got a pair of huge breast. Haha… I still remember once I was so sweaty and shivered during the yoga practice, she asked me why, I said “I am hungry”, so she went to her kitchen and got me a piece of chocolate. “Put in your mouth and suck”. So nice of her, let me eat chocolate during yoga session. I will remember her and if I can I would go back to her again not bcoz she gave me chocolate but for her skills & knowledge of yoga.

Talking about yoga, I practiced pregnancy yoga while I was having my first baby. It was so rewarding coz it shocked a lot of people even my gynae said that it was fast for the first baby. I had contraction at about 5am and reached hospital at 7am, by 9:58am bb was out already, natural birth some more. Not bad ah…*hehehe*.

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