Thursday, September 15, 2005

The little mimic devil

© Allyfeel watercolor

Bb: po po…..pleee….there….. *point point to the dining table*

Grandma: What do you want darling?

Bb: blow blow his mouth......there……

Grandma: Oh…you want to test glucose also ah? Painful oh….are you sure?

Bb: ya….*blow his mouth* ……mimic the painful experience.

So Grandma passed bb the Accu-Check device and pretended to prick him with the needle on the Soft-Clix and hold his finger to put his blood (bluff bluff him, no blood one) on the strip to test glucose level. He was not satisfied because there was no blood. He went thru the whole process again and again with his grandma until the phone rang and I told him Papa calling then only he stopped to leave the table.

OMG! Hope he won’t be obsessed with these things and definitely not turning to a diabetic. He is a little mimic devil!

Accu-Check device and Soft Clix- A home blood glucose level testing kit.

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