Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Money Gazing

Money is so important in our daily life. One just can’t live without them. The moment you step out of your house you gotta unfold your pocket.

I spend my money paying Tol day in day out; I exchange them for a full tank of petrol which seems to decrease so fast in such a short time. I spend them wise and bright to get the most nutritious food for my family. I allocate them for my monthly bills. I use them for ever expensive milk powders and diapers. I invest them in so called Protect link, life, 36 illnesses plan to take care of my future when I become old and dry. I donate them for charity to do good deeds coz I believe in karma. I fork out some to buy presents for friends and colleagues to see smile in their face. I misspend thousands of them in beauty products thinking it will make me look like a star. I consume them to acquired new skills for self-improvement. I conserve them for emergencies. I accumulate them so that one day I can work as my own boss!

Money, money, money, all the money. I need and want you so much like organs in my body to function well. Please remember to invite your friends to visit me 24 by 7, the more the merrier. I promise to welcome you with my warmest hands and spend you well. ;)

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