Friday, September 09, 2005

A letter to BB

Before I left mum’s place I put BB to sleep. We sang Incy Wincy Spider while playing with the gestures like how it’s shown on the VCD. We sang Barney’s BINGO, repeated six times. He refused to close his eyes thinking that I will leave him and he can’t see me again. I pretended to sleep; I peeped at him thru the edge of my eyes. He slept on his tummy starring at me quietly with his big eyes.

After tumbling his legs and hands, moving up and down, mumbling to himself, finally he fell asleep. I quickly sneaked out and left home without him crying fiercely.

2am in the morning…."flip left, flip right x 5"…. could not sleep…..

……wrote a letter to BB……

Dearest angel BB,

Mummy misses you so much that I could not sleep. Before sleeping I took the yellow top that you left on the bed this afternoon and put it beside me thinking of you. Mummy sniff sniff and hug hug your top top to sleep. Just want to let you know that you are my very precious jewel.

I miss touching your tiny little face
I miss your twinkling eyes
I miss your mischievous smile
I miss the way you call and “sayang” ma ma
I miss the way you wrapped around mummy; so tight and secure
I miss the way you kick football
I miss singing Incy Wincy Spider with you
I miss seeing you running happily and wildly
I miss seeing you kissing other girl girl
I miss seeing you playing vrrrrooom, vrrrrrroorm

Please be a good boy and don’t trouble po po and gong gong.


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