Monday, September 26, 2005


I was just thinking of selling my camera for a faster shutter speed one. Coz my Sony digital camera can’t capture picture well, it always flashes too long. By the time I snap, my son is gone and the picture will go blurry already.

Sunday I went back to my mum’s place and found out that she has just bought a new digital camera, the slimmer and nicer one. Surprisingly, her camera also performs the same as mine. It has slow shutter speed as well. After checking with my husband and camera sales men we found a solution to stop the flash going twice. Simple, just go to set up and turn off the red eye reduction function and the double flash will be gone. Cool! It’s that simple. If there isn’t any of this function, look out for the flash icon with an eye symbol on the LCD screen and turn it off. But the disadvantage is that you will risk having red eye in the picture but it can be fixed easily using relevant software.

I can enjoy my camera for now, no need to sell yet. *Grin*

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