Friday, September 16, 2005

Just play play

My hubby and I like to play punch face to show affections. I know it’s weird but trust me it’s really fun. I enjoy punching him on the face. I will punch him on his left face “Bushh..” and he will swift the whole head to the left as if he really kena pukul harshly.Then he will punch me also, I will pretend to kena punch also, sometimes we even lift our legs and start kicking.

Last night we acted and played punching happily. Here comes bb close to the father’s face. “Bushh…!” Oppss…he punched the father like how mommy punching papa. HaHaHa, being a very evil mother I call bb.

“BB, call papa and Bushh…” teaching him again to punch papa. He called papa, papa using his small little fist to punch the father “Bushh…!” He is so cute. I know it’s bad to teach bb like that, hey just play play ma, No Play No Fun.


Metria said...

Hahahhaha! So funny...

Allyfeel said...

Hey metria you should try it. It's great fun! Sometimes you can purposely hit him also and then say oppsss...sorry! kekeke!

Metria said...

I also play with hubby but sometimes really terkena... then got problem lah!

Allyfeel said... I know we are not the only one play like that...hahaha!