Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lesson 4 - Beads work

Instructor: one 20 odd year-old handsome young men

Students: One married, one single woman

Venue: PJ

Tutorial: Glass Beads Bracelet

Technique: Bending head pins into nice round loops

Tools: Cutter, Round Nose Plier, Flat Nose Plier

Components: Glass Beads, head pins, jump rings, lobster clasp.

Comments: My finger got sore after twirling and bending those head pins. Need to bring plaster for the next lesson.

Step-by-Step instruction will be added in much later.


maria said...

hehehe... ya wor, after I made 100 pair of earring, my finger like falling apart, and my palm got some hard skin already.

Allyfeel said...

euuuh..., OMG, sure very painful one maria. Sharks!!! my teacher is gonna make me bent 100 head pins today. Wow! u have made so many earrings already ah?