Monday, September 19, 2005

Chinese dinner

We attended a wedding dinner on Saturday night. I am never good at remembering names. My God, I even got the groom mother’s name wrong and to make things worst, I forgot the groom father’s name…..”errr uncle….Congratulations!” . That’s what came out from my mouth. I am so surprise that the groom called my name clearly. So” malu” but still try to act ok la. Aiyoo! After pregnancy, my memory is not 100% recuperated yet ma. *excuse, excuse, excuse*

Other than the bride’s bulging stomach, the food was really superb. The chef must be complimented for his passion, creativity and unique food/art pieces that he had showcased. Has anyone ever tasted a shark fin, sea cucumber, black chicken in a full coconut shell? Hmm…I love it; the sweetness of coconut juice blended with ingredients above is out to give eaters a tongue orgasm. My hubby emptied two coconut shells.*haha*

Apart from that, there are spring chicken with orchid flower, abalone with fresh bean sprout and lemon juice and….etc. It’s actually a Chinese restaurant in the new stretch near Eden KL opposite Jalan Imbi. I didn’t remember the English name but the Chinese name of the restaurant is “古月天”.

Chinese banquet is nice to enjoy but one got to be able to socialize too in order not to look weird. I must admit I am not good at this, perhaps I am not a good liar nor I like to showoff. Nevertheless, it was a great dinner.

Husband, wife, bb and kakah headed home tiredly but satisfied.

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