Friday, June 01, 2007

My Baiboo Tummy box

Oh...did I mentioned that I have received my tummy box from Baiboo? Yes, I collected that huge box from Guardian in Centre Point recently. It has many goodies inside. Most of them are brochures and junks la I would say. However, I find a few things that provided by the sponsor useful. They are a Baby Massage CD from Johnson and Johnson, a copy of the recent Reader's Digest, a VIP children car sticker, a reading story book for kid, a membership card with special discount from their associate merchants.

To be frank, I hate brochures and all those repeated information that you can see everywhere. It usually goes straight to my paper recycle bin. In order to make your brand stands out, you got to do more than brochures. Hope to see more innovative and useful promotional pack from sponsors in the future.


dragonmummy said...

I've also collected my tummy box few days ago...the box is so huge, but the content is off no use to me, ok lah...except reader digest.

Wonder what story book you have got. I got a hardcover Beauty & The Beast. The pictures on the book are so horrible that, after flipping through just a few place, she chuck it aside and say it's awful. Those pictures not attractive to kids at all.

Allyfeel said...

Hehe..mine one is quite nice. It's about the mouse's magic paint.

mom2ashley said...

oh yea..i am supposed to collect mu tummy box too