Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A call from confinement lady

My confinement lady just gave me a call . She seems nice suggesting to me where to get the right stuff for my confinement. Just hope that she is really that nice. In comparison to the first confinement, she is much luckier. I prepared all baby things for her plus there is a maid to help her out. My first confinement lady wasn't so lucky, she had to take care of the housewhole alone like cooking, taking care of baby, myself, cleaning up the house with very minimum baby facilities.

Of coz with experience, I started to prepared things much earlier this time. Getting ready water heater, air conditioning in the room for her as well. A baby changing table, a standing baby shower tub which I dun have last time. I think it helps a lot as she doesn't need to bend all the time to do her work. Knowing that most confinement lady are not all that young anymore, I also dun want them to suffer. Let's just keep my fingers crossed that she will be a good helper and of coz, a super good cook.

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