Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Come and visit mommy early. :)

I am only three more days to my farewell to this company. Wow! What a shocker. I actually spend my two and a half years in this company. Bravo to me as this is not the type of job that I wanted but the time and pay was good. Therefore, I opted for it initially. Now that I am going to have a second kid and second chance of getting a job that I truly want, I will never look back. Just hope that luck is on my side.

I am feeling tired very easily lately and did not really sleep well due to the huge tummy I have. Baby, mommy cannot wait to see you. You are officially full term today so do come and visit mommy soon if you like. Hah!

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Desperate Mummy said...

Take care Prudy. Look forward to for your good news soon !