Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I have a dream. That is to be able to create some nice jewelry and perhaps from there I would be able to get more buyers or set up something on my own. I am gonna be a temp SAHM for 6 months. I need some stream of income too. A month ago, a Japanese centre's boss called me up to see if I am interested in teaching their student how to bead and make jewelry. I went up to meet her and showed her my work. She was very keen to hire me, unfortunately I am still having my full time job and will only be ready after giving birth and my confinement in September. So no news now.

I really hope I could get it just to earn some extra income. On another hand, my MIL has been promoting my work for her friend and she recently bought over my work that worth 1000++.

I am delighted. It serve as an encouragement for me to make nicer pieces. Hope my dream will come true for me to have flying colors in this field.

I created this piece for my sis on her birthday.

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Oscar's Mommy said...

wow... so nice la. dont stress too much. rest well.