Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Best Friend's Wedding

I had attended my best friend’s wedding on Saturday, the 3rd day of Raya celebration. H and I reached Cher’s house at 8:45am. We hanged out for a while discussing games to play when the groom arrived. Jean arranged for me to wash the lettuce; yan, lin, shirl to prepare for the sour (lime and vinegar), sweet (something sweet), bitter (lotus seed) and spicy (crushed chili padi) drink. Jean herself hanged the lettuce and empty ang pao to the ceiling right in front of the main gate. We then put on the same lipstick and stamp our lip marks on a sheet of A4 paper for the groom to guess. If he didn’t get it right, he could either bribe us with ang pao or sing aloud to his wife before meeting her.

9:30 sharp, the groom arrived with loud honk and his big group of “heng tai”. Everyone got excited; we quickly rushed to guard the main gate to prevent them from entering the house. We negotiated for ang paos. Without much hesitation the groom handed over 30 ang paos for us “zhi mui”. The heng tai then were requested to have a lion dance with a mini lion head, mini cymbals, and mini drum. Hahaha, one of the heng tai took up the challenge and started dancing with the lion head that can’t even fit in his head properly. He raised his leg, dance to the left, to the right, and whao 2 more “heng tai” lifted him to reach the lettuce and ang pao. He torn the lettuce and grabbed the ang pao and ribbed open it thinking there was money inside. Cheh…no money one…It was really fun, I laughed until all my tears gushed out.

We then proceeded with 4 taste drink, lip marks guessing, oh the groom got it wrong, and we had more ang paos. He sang “Only You” with background music by his heng tai.

After tea ceremony, we drove to the groom’s house for lunch and tea ceremony as well. Most of us were in Cheong Sam. I was so lucky that I can still fit into one. There is another one to go next month. After this year, I believe, there will be no more wedding but lots of full moon parties to attend.

We attended her dinner in Cyberjaya. It was a very sweet and memorable one. I’ve met some friends whom I have not seen for more than 10 years. Most are parents with young kids. The food was great too. Two of my joker friends chewed the ginseng which came with the prawn dish and soaked them in hard liquor to drink. Walio eh…

This joker father actually swore in front of his toddler resulting him saying “KAN NIN NE” (Hokkien) very accurately, according to the mother. He should be smacked for influencing his son. Slap, slap, slap!

It was a fun night. I left bb with MIL because if he were to follow I could never enjoy it the way I enjoyed. He has becoming very clingy again during this holiday. It has become so bad that he wouldn’t allow anyone to carry him except me. So I have to eat with him sitting on top of my lap. Can you imagine how inconvenient it can be? My hubby has to feed me at times and this is no good. Others had said I have a demanding and difficult son and I should allow him to mix with others more. Now is this my fault? Gosh, why can’t this people just deal with their own business and stop bordering me. I already know and it’s not easy, I believe every parent goes through this stage. No need to compare to make me feel worse. Just cannot tahan sometimes. I hope bb can be more independent in the year ahead.


Zara's Mama said...

clingy is ok.. Soon, he won't even want u to hug him.

Btw, you can teh your hubby more, let him feed you even not carrying your son. :D

the wedding seem so fun!

Allyfeel said...

I suppose you have a point too. Let's hope that things will be better.

Ya, I like him feeding me hehehe...

jazzmint said...

hehe..guess each baby oso gets very clingy around that time and grow out of it fast then we will miss their cling cling on us :)

Allyfeel said...

Jazzmint, well if I am gonna have another baby, when is this gonna end? I want my teh tarik and roti tissue in mamak at 12 midnight. @____@