Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ah Tan

Scene 1:
Mommy: BB, do u want to eat Rambutan?
BB: Ah tan, Ah tan.
Mommy: Not, ah tan, Rambutan.

If my friend whose name is ah tan hear this, he is sure gonna be so happy. Hahahaha!

Scene 2:
On the way home from MIL house last evening.

BB: Mommy, TOL….*point point to the Kerinchi TOL*

Mommy: Yes, TOL, mommy has to pay TOL before using the road you know.

Mommy: After paying TOL….Tu Tu…

BB: …TOL….TOL…*point to my Touch n go card*

Mommy: ok, just play awhile only, mommy need to pay the second TOL

BB took the card, sitting on his car seat and swiped the touch n go card to his left and made the tu tu sound. He shouted “TOL mommy TOL”

Whao, BB so clever ah, know how to pay tol already. *Smile smile*

Scene 3:
FIL was driving, out of a sudden; BB got so overly excited and ordered his grandpa “Gong Gong, Stop car, park park”. Apparently, there was a children playground, he wanted to go and play.

Little BB is growing up more and more each day.


Zara's Mama said...

Baby getting more and more clever already..

Don't know what is this thing about the TouchNGo card, Zara also likes to play with it.. But she doesn't know how to 'pay toll' yet, just holds it pretend to give me or her kakak, but take it back everytime we want to get it from her. :P

mom2ashley said...

what a clever boy! it gets more fun when they can interact and communicate with adults huh!

krazie*angel said...

clever boy, bb.

so cute.

maria aka twinsmom said...

LOL... your boy very cheeky.

yah lar, rambutan season wor. see a lot rambutan tree bear fruit around my place liao.

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama, Oh really zara also like the card?May be they think the card can do wonders, haha one touch and we can go anywhere.

mom2ashley, Yes, more fun if they can communicate well, more frustration when they demand, demand and demand!!! :P

krazie*angel, TQ! I think kids nowadays are very fast and smart.

maria, rosy cheek got la, the naughty boy.

Whao...ur house has rambutan trees ah, so good le, can plug anytime you feel like eating them.

Sebastian's mommy said...

Clap clap for clever boy!
Very nice pic. How did u frame it?

Allyfeel said...

Thanks! Oh I just drew a circle using brush stroke over a rambutan picture and crop it in photoshop. Very fast :)

Twin said...

yeah dunno what's about this card .. my girl also likes to play with it. She will demand her daddy to give it to her and she'll be flashing on her left window and go 'tut tut'. Sigh i'm still wondering about her fascination with the card.
I'm using tag so whenever the queue for tag is too long (somehow i dunno why - sigh shouldn't it be faster), I would remove the card and use the 'touch n go' lane to avoid the long queue. And there you go .. the kaypoh girl will ask .. Mummy what are you doing? Then i'll explain to her and she'll ask the same thing over and over and over again. And it never ends. :)