Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lousy night

I had a lousy night yesterday. B was very cranky and demanded to sleep on my chest. He threw tantrum a few times at night resulting me having panda eyes and came to work late this morning.

He hardly behave like this. Usually when he starts kicking and making noises during sleep, he probably wanted water. I will add some hot water to his bottle and feed towards his mouth; he will suck and suck with his eyes close.

I always tell him, “When u want water just tell mummy water, usually he will say minum”, He nodded. But he seems to forget everything when he goes to sleep. He gets cross very easily during night time. He has no problem conveying his message at all during day time. It’s night time that is driving me crazy. Wonder, does this happen to other 2 yr-old toddlers? *Zombie, cannot tahan liao*


Zara's Mama said...

up and DOWN of motherhood. Just tahan loh.

Allyfeel said...

Ya lor...I can do it!!! :D
He was much better yesterday. When he was sleeping, I stroked and tell him to be a good boy at night. He behaved. *Smile*

jazzmint said...

hehe..maybe sleep oredi went to find zhau kung played too hard LOL

Allyfeel said...

jazzmint, ya hor, may be I shld think like that so less frustration.