Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BB is on Training

We had a great day out with BB after his first birthday. Bought him a new motorbike with his ang pow’s money and keep the rest in the bank. He was quite worn out after all those walking and shopping.

The motobike is a bit heavy so we let him drive from the toy shop to the car park, he attracted lots of curious eyes. Mommy "pai sei" la.

He is on NO diaper training during day time. Progress pretty well. Whenever he wants to pee, he will call for “she…she…” after peeing he would spray it away with the metal hose. (what's the word???)

Helping out house whole chores after makan. Wipe, wipe, wipe!


Metria said...

Wow what a clean baby you have :) And good, looks like he will help you around the house!

That hose is called a hand bidet. Here in Australia they don't have itin most toilets, I had to import from Malaysia!

krazie*angel said...

metria is a walking dictionary/encyclopedia.

bb is well trained. allyfeel, now u have a baby maid :P

and that police bike is way too cool. wish i had one when i was young.

mom2ashley said...

woa..good training..helping out with the house chores!!!

Allyfeel said...

Metria, that I can goyang kaki, let him help the maid with house work. kekekeke!

Thanks for the new word. I have learnt it by heart.

krazie*angel,'s illegal to have baby maid le...

Police bike is for boy la, if u want better get a Barbie bike.

mom2ashley, yup. better start early and let him get use to helping. * Evil smile*

Zara's Mama said...

Wah, child labor in your house!! let me call the enforcement officer.. Aik, cannot tim, the officer (in his police bike) is the child labour himself.


Allyfeel said... are funny Agnes. You made my day. :PpP