Friday, November 25, 2005

4th Wedding Anniversary

My beloved husband
Your soul met mine
My soul touched yours
Oh, 4 years have passed

We have grown
To respect
To understand
To trust

Being a woman behind a successful man
is still what I promised and wanted to do

On this special day
I pray our love on earth
grow stronger each day

Never ending morning kisses
Never ending passion
Never ending wisdom
Never ending Love

Just want to say I love you
Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary


Twin said...

ah .. so sweet .. :)

mom2ashley said...

oh happy 4th wedding anniversary!

Metria said...

Happy anniversary to you and Mr Allyfeel ;)

King's wife said...

wah, make my goose bumps all stand already...
so lovey dovey :)
Happy anniversary to you and hubby!

jazzmint said...

happy anniversary :)..where's your hubby's poem?

Allyfeel said...

Thanks for the wishes everybody. :)
Sorry if it cost u goose bumps. haha...

Zara's Mama said...

wow.. so lovey dovey one. Your husband got 'lum' or not, when he read this?

Happy Anniversary!

Sue said...

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary... I finally found my way to your blog... think there's 2 Allys around which confused me!

Allyfeel said...

jazzmint, aiyoo, he no romantic one, no poem got sms only.

Zara's mama, got a bit kua...he smile smile -_____-

Sue, oh welcome! Thanks, really are there?

A-Li said...

wow, how time flew past! 4 big years already? happy aniversay! may a girl girl join the family soon! :)

Allyfeel said...

hahaha, ya right ah li girl, after you! :PpP