Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chou tofu

Stinky tofu or Chou tofu is a fermented tofu dish which has a very strong odor. It smells like stinky drain. No joke. I have always wondered how it tastes like when I was dating walking with hubby in Steven’s corner pasar malam. From the car park we could already smelt it. It was so smelly, like rubbish water. We have to pinch nose while passing thru the stall.

I am more adventurous than hubby. I wanted to try. But he said if I want to eat, I go home myself. Sad, never have the chance to try. Yesterday, after visiting mom, sis and I went to see a master coz sis wants to get “fu- yellow or green paper with some holy words for protection” for her new semi-d house. I followed. I waited for her and I also asked about my son’s sleepless night. I’ll blog about this next time.

After the session, we went to a near by pasar malam. We bought some tofu fa, fried carrot cake, fried la-la and stinky tofu for dinner. I hope people won’t mistaken our car as a rubbish collector’s car.

Arrival home, brother, father, SIL commented, what’s that smell?

Errr…Chou tofu. Try la. Father smelt it and jumped up, he said NO WAY! Haha…but brother tried it.

It was packed 4 pieces in a box. Looks like fried tofu, served with a chili sauce and very sour Kimchi. Eeeeeeuuu…taste a little tofu and a little drain-y but the kimchi sort of rebalance the smell and taste. After makan, the mouth still smelt like that, yuck! I had to brush my teeth to get rid of the smell.

It was not all that nice but don’t mind trying a nicer one. Perhaps, the one we bought wasn't nice enough. I am still open for trying.


mom2ashley said...

wah so good - multiple postings in a day huh!...mmm..I dont like smelly tofus ;)

Allyfeel said... time mah..hehe!

After trying those smelly tofu, I don't think many will like it.

Zara's Mama said...

I tried it in Taiwan before, I thought it was quite nice.

Haven't tried the one in M'sia before though.

jazzmint said...

kekeke...guess it's either u love it or loathe it :P..I've yet to try, maybe will get it someday, never try never know rite :)

Twin said...

i tried it once with my hubby manny many years ago in KL .. it was ok .. nothing to rave about. i had to agree .. we have to eat other things to neutralise the smell in the mouth .. yucks. I think HK has the best 'chau taufu'.

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama, That's what I thought Malaysia one may be not up to standard. Not nice enough...will try agian if got chance to go Taiwan.

Jazzmint, YES!!! ^___^

Allyfeel said...

twin, I think so too since those movies always talk about best chau taufu in HK.

Poulotte said...

i never dare to tried but i had smelt it once when a friend bought it. gosh, i nearly died. but he, who ate it, said it was nice and he really likes it.

but btw, chou tofu and eating snakes or lizards, i will eat chou tofu.

momm said...

oooh! i love the smelly toufu! tried the one in Singapore - Geylang.

simply loved it!

Allyfeel said...

poulotte, so next time we go and eat together la. I will make sure they only serve snakes,lizards and chou tofu. kekekeke!:P

byrdie(how do I pronounce?), Thanks for stopping by. Oh, you like chou tofu too. I must try one in Singapore next time.

Hey saw your blog, Natalie is so sweet and pretty. I hope if I get a daughter, she will be as pretty as yours. :)