Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Precious Moments

This morning my neighbour’s maid came over to pass us a CD with photos taken on Sunday. Look at how adorable these little people, bb and the beautiful triplet.

Dear neighbour, if you happened to see your daughters photos in my blog, I hope you don't mind. I really adore them so much... they are so beautiful.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A warm bb

Weekend was a busy one. I went out on Saturday to attend a short course and only come back by 8pm. luckily hubby was there to take care of bb and by the time I reached home, dinner was ready for me too. He went out to pack some fried rice with Chinese sausage. Yummylicious!

Bb was a little warm on Sunday night. I thought he was having fever. Checked him using the thermometer, no fever was detected. He slept and the next morning temperature was reading fine except his body was warmer than normal. I asked Sri to bring fever medicine along to mil’s house. By noon, he had slight fever. “Medicine”- this word upset him, it was such a pain feeding him. He tumbled with scream and cries; bite his teeth, spit out the fever syrup. Syrup spilled all around his mouth, down to the neck and stained his shirt. Oh poor boy, I think he is teething again. I saw him biting his security blanket very frequently. I fed him a little of pearl powder with water last night. It is belief to bring body heat down. His fever was almost gone this morning but he had a tough night sleeping.

Feverish, Bb ZzzZzz...
Photos above taken on Sunday. Bb enjoyed the company of three princesses (Triplets from our neighbour).
I made the little bracelet for him.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Hard to say Good bye

It is hard to say good-bye to bb nowadays, he has so much of awareness that he does not want to let me go every morning. Yesterday, he was so very upset, hung on to my leg and cried so badly. I was as usual late for work and not in any good mood to entertain but this time I shouted at him. Oh God, what have I done? His expression changed drastically, he reached out his hand for me while tears were rolling down fast to his cheek, mucus flowing out from his nose. What a poor boy who has a Big BAD mommy. Sometimes I wish I could be a 24x7 mom. Ohm…It must be hard for him to see me go and have to wave bye bye to me after all that crying. I am so sorry darling.


4pm, I was in the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to collect my MyKad. It is ready finally. I went straight to counter eight upon reaching the crowd free department, what a contrast from few months back. Civil officers were leaning back to their seat and happily chatting to each other. Women with fruit still in his mouth asked me impatiently “Apa ini?”(What is this?) “Saya nak ambil Mykad” (I want to collect my MyKad) I replied. “ Awak tak tau baca ke, counter 18, depan”. (You don’t know how to read arr, its counter 18, in front).

Even if I misread the counter number, why was she so rude? Can’t she just reply politely? Does she have to insult people in that rude manner? I did not say much just walked to the correct counter and sat down waiting for my turn. However, after a while my blood started boiling. I should have asked for her name and threaten to launch a compliant for her rudeness or just give her a nice long lecture. Being a nice Malaysian, I just forgive and forgo that tiny little issue and swallowed it as if nothing has happened. GOSH! I just hate myself sometimes letting these monsters enjoying their rudeness.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

28 months

Got this template from Jefferene, hope you don’t mind. This is my 2nd time doing it. I think I would also like to make it a point to update on bb’s development. BB is 2 years, 4 months, 0 week & 4 days old.

Physical growth
Weight: 11kg
Height: not sure

Physical development
He is very lazy to walk now. Ask to carry all the time and quoted “Bb tired, mommy not tired, mommy carry”.
Improved motor skills can kick football with daddy and kids older than him, he could throw ball using one hand too.
Developed more muscle now especially in his upper arms.
Love to jump and bounce high up with the help of us.
Love to spins his body until he gets dizzy. The other day, he got over excited, hit his head over a glass tabletop while spinning, cried non-stop.
Still does not like to put his feet on the bicycle paddle.

Eating habit
He drinks 4 – 5 bottles of milk per day (200ml each), 2 or 3 solid meals in between.
He only eats a lot if the food is nice, mainly inclusive of pasta, porridge, rice, Mee Hun.
Eat fish, fish ball, chicken, pork, and sometimes beef (don’t really like), love carrot, and some vegetables like corn and snow peas (his current favourite), spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, long beans.
Love star biscuits from Garber, honey star cereal, bear chocolate chips, Rocky (milk) and if he sees a Pringles, he will demand for it.
Soya Tai fu Fa is also one of his favourite.

Social development
Love to make friends with kids older than him. He is very friendly to adults too especially “Leng Lui”. His secret weapon for attention grabbing is his sweet smile.
Love to blow flying kisses as well. The other day in the pool, he blew flying kisses to a French woman until the woman came over to say hi.

Speech development
He is able to count 1 to 10 on his own, 11-20 with our help. Yesterday I heard him counting with mil's maid in Cambodian language as well. *Sounds funny*
Call people by their name if he knows their name. When ask what is mommy, daddy, gong gong, po po, yeye’s name. He can quote our name. haha! Good if he get lost in the shopping mall, can announce our name in the speaker.
He will say “I dosh know” in order for me to fulfill his wish doing this and that for him.

Other development
He is able to obey a time limit for playing our cars and bath time.
Still drinking water at night and prefers it warm. Poor mommy has to cater to him, don’t want him to get dehydrated.
Likes to read storybooks with me and watch less of his vcd now.
He is able to tell when he wants to pee during daytime, and can hold it if he is in the car…Oooo….no good, I was thinking to get a mineral water bottle for him to pee in the car, just slot that little birdie inside and cap it after done. There would be No spilling and No hassle! Hah! Anyone already doing that? Good?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To impress

The other day a neighbour whom bb called grand auntie stopped by to have a chit chat with mil. Beside her was her granddaughter. When bb saw the little girl approaching, he was so excited and started jumping high up, he pointed to his used to be walker now bicycle and hurried it out to the garden where the little girl was.

I think he was trying to impress the little girl. He used to bring out his motorbike and start showing kids that come by with his skills on operating the forward, reverse, riding, turning of the bike. I was a little surprise seeing how such young boy understood the concept of “IMPRESS”.

Mil asked him to call grand auntie and che che (big sis), he shy away only to demonstrate his skill handling the bicycle. Later when Sri picked up a piece of flower to toss it high up letting it hover down forming a nice twirling image. He mimicked Sri while eyeing the girl with the edge of his right eye. Boy, this makes me wonder if it is healthy to impress girl at such a tender age. *zillions of wonder*

Monday, March 20, 2006

Can you believe it, I was in Lee hom's mini concert?

I was a crazy mama, Can you believe it I was in Lee Hom’s mini concert in Sunway Lagoon? It’s not because I am a super fans of Lee Hom but a super fans of FREE stuff... My boss gave away free tickets with escort via VIP entrance to the concert. It was not a very good night; rain started pouring cats and dogs since 6pm in PJ.

I was worried about bb as he was very cranky the entire day due to lack of sleep. We traveled back to Port Klang to visit my parents and had “Ba Kut Teh”. A man who approached us to sell lottery ticket has scared bb. The man was very persistence even after we said NOT to buy; he went on to approach my maid and son instead and made bb cried so loud. BB was very upset and scared, I have never seen him so scared of a stranger before since he is always very friendly to people. He clangs on to me since then, I had to carry him during our shopping in Tesco Klang. I was thinking not to go to that concert but if I do that, my colleague is gonna kill me. Therefore, I had to oblige.

I dragged my heavy body to the concert. I got lost on the way to Sunway Lagoon due to bad memory and heavy rain. By the time we reached there, it was choked-full of people with umbrellas. We were stepping at the man made beach, my shoes and leg were soaked in sand and water…yuck! Fortunately, I managed to adapt very quickly and enjoyed myself with an ex colleague of mine. I had fun chit chatting with her. I couldn’t see Lee Hom very clearly so no sexy photo with him to show you…hah! However, I could hear his fans screaming crazily. He is a very hunky man with beautiful voice I must say.

After the concert, it took almost 45 minutes for us to reach our car park in pyramid. Gosh! The organizer only allowed one exit forcing a whole punch of us walking in big circle touring the jogging track, the Sunway medical centre towards pyramid. Phew! I was so tired after the walk. What an experience. I guess more research has to be done before leaping for my next free stuff.

Lee Hom singing...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

More conversation with bb

I brought home HL low fat milk. BB wanted to drink; he loves this fresh milk very much. He asks Sri to get his cup and tear the seal. This is his routine motor skills exercise. He then pours the milk into his blue cup slowly and steadily.

After a while, I heard sound of something fell off from the kitchen, went to check, milk spilling on floor and table. Never mind, I did not scold him but told him to be more careful next time. 2 minutes later, “ping pong” cup and milk on the floor again, spitting milk out from his mouth some more. Argh! That’s it, he did it on purpose. I smacked his palm hard. He stared at me half-guilty, half-cheeky.

Me: BB, good boy don’t do this, say sorry…

BB: Sorry kakak

Me: Say sorry mommy…

BB: Papa

Me: Say sorry mommy…

BB: Papa

Me: “B” (raising my voice), stop it, say sorry mommy

BB: Sorry mommy

Me: Say I won’t do it again

BB: I won do it rgain.


BB: Knock Knock Knock Knock…..kakak open the door.

Kakak: Kakak in the toilet, wait…

BB: Stupid, open door.

*Speechless* I don’t know where did he learn that word from, I never taught him that. *sigh* did he pick up the words from the playground? The other day I heard him saying “farker” when he was angry. I hope he meant fork.

*Picture taken on last sunday. He put on his backpack his popo gave him and told me bb wants to go to school.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Me Bad Person

Before my Yoga class started last evening, I was hungry. Don’t know what heck went wrong with me nowadays, I feel hungry all the time. So I went to a near by food cafeteria thinking to grab a bun. I ordered to takeaway a walnut and raisin bun, it cost $2.10. The waiter packed the bread in a paper bag. I pinch a wee bit to put it in my mouth while waiting to sign my bill. The bill stated “Donut - $1.40”. I saw and signed it without making any noise and left. Oh God! What have I done? I don’t usually behave like this but I was in a bad mood. *Excuses* Have you been in a similar situation before? Do you just walk away or tell her she has made a mistake?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ikea. Balloons. Pool.

We were at Ikea; I wanted to get a table lamp to work on my beading at night when bb sleeps. I let him play at a small children area in front of the customer service desk. He made friends with some kids there while me sitting at the long bench waiting for hub to finish his mail checking at the Starbucks. Our internet connection has been down for almost 2 weeks. He was very super pissed with the promising statement from TM net. “We will look into the matter” was what he gets for 2 weeks. I could hear him screwing them loud over the phone. Hubby can be very nasty at times. Again, who will not under this circumstance?

After half and hour wait, we walked over to see hub and bb pointed at a stall selling balloons in front of Starbucks. What lovely twisted balloon they have, so
colorful! There are flowers, pink panther, giraffe,
poodle, and many more. Bb wanted the pink panther with flower but it cost $4, a little pricy. “Why not we buy a packet home and we do it ourselves?” He nodded with a YES! It is $5.90 for 30 balloons. “You need a pump for these”, the owner said. “I think we have one at home,” I told him. They even sell VCD on how to twist the balloons. (I will blog more about those twisted balloons)

Hubby is ready for a walk. We walked to a place selling indoor swimming pool with netball gear. There are some dogs training going on further down near wet cement area of the pool. We headed to Ikea straight for dinner. I had Salmon with broccoli; hubby and Sri had fish and chips. We got bb meatballs. He played with kids around TV while we savor our dinner. I do not like to eat there, as foods are not nice, there are not hot enough. It is just plain convenient.

Hubby bought bb a float, he does not own one previously. He plays with his embedded float swimming suit normally. He had great fun there. I must agree with all mothers that kids get tired after a swim. I bought him and hubby donuts, their favorite and chicken floss bun for myself. As usual, he showed the counter waiter his charming smile and friendly gestures. We went home for spaghetti before hitting the sack.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Do you give money to beggars?

As I lay flat on my Yoga mat, images of beggars on a damp street of the Friday Pasar malam flashing in my mind. A mother with a one-year-old child on her lap, he was drinking milk while another toddler sitting right beside her. She was digging her foot the time I saw her.

Further up, there is another dark and skinny old man lying on a thin layer of cardboard. He put his palm together to form the prayer sign to passerby for sympathy. Beside him, it was packets of drink given by kind soul. I was going to give each of them a dollar. A gentle voice whispered to me. By the time I came back from all shopping, I left a 50 ringgit note and a one ringgit note. As I was nearer to the old man, I told bb to pass the money to the old man. He did, dropping the one ringgit in his plastic container. The old man shakes his hand hard to thank us. I feel so bad for the man. But then on a second thought, could he be a drug addict waiting for his fix?

The mother again, I was not willing to give away my 50 ringgit. So I looked away and walked passed them. I felt terribly bad for the boy beside her mother. Is he in school? What would he be thinking right now? What if his friend saw him begging with his mother? Would he have very low self-esteem when he grows up? I feel very apologetic for them as I write this. But again is it a syndicate? Is there a mafia watching them from afar? Where is her husband? Do they have home? Where is it? Why can’t she work? She is so young probably about 30 plus. Is life terribly difficult that she has no other solution but begging? Or it’s just an excuse for being lazy? Argh! It is none of my business; I need to get some rest. The time is 2am now. BB is fast asleep on our bed. The clock is stuck at 12:15pm, dead again, this time it is not the battery.

Gosh! Still in the beggar issue, my mind is being stubborn. I have heard about beggar being very rich and frequented uncle Lim’s – Casino. And some even are regular at the goldsmith. Now, How do we judge who is real and who is not? Aiks, it’s only small amount of money you are giving out. But if everyone thinks like that, beggar can be richer than me ler. But really, do you give money to beggars? I am super tired now. My Mind is messed up. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Soccer kid, NO. 36

Like any other children, 6pm is a heavenly time for Bb. He will drag his grandma to the near by park to let him move his butt and little feet for soccer ball kicking. He has build relationship with people around the park. For instance, there is this magician from Iraq exercising in the park. Occasionally bb would mimic his move and he would come smiling with “Hi, How are you?”

Many grandparents bring children there to quench their playfulness with colorful kid’s gym equipments while elderly stretching their arms and feet of the day with an eye on their little one.

I was with him yesterday for the first time. He put on his socks, shoes and sleeveless top with no. 36 printed on it. Yes, go 36! Mommy is here to watch you play. He showed me his power 36 and I cheered while recording his never to miss clips.

Mil told me that sometimes he would buy ice cream for bb after the sweaty run in the park and not forgetting to grab a 4D ticket nearby as well. Her car number plate came out second prize on Tuesday and she missed. Before I forget, bb reminded her that the fridge has run out of Vitagen and urge her to grab some too. *Speechless*

BB with his pal kicking ball in the park...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Don't disturb!

During dinner, mil was relating to me how bb has awareness of his little birdy bird and knows when it wakes up or sleeps.

Below is a conversation happened between Po Po, BB and Kakak.

Po Po: Do you want to pee?

Kakak: Let kakak see…

BB: Still sleeping, don’t disturb. (Referring to his penis not being erected) He Fans his palm outward to chase maid away- I didn’t know he can say “don’t disturb” haha...

If he wants to pee, he will say

BB: up oredy, pee pee....(run fanatically towards the toilet).

Saturday, we stayed home the entire day. Sleep, eat and play together.

Picture shown bb with his new underwear, wore it for a while only; seriously watching I think the Classic Mickey mouse show; Doodling using the art set I bought back then when he was not in this world yet. It's quite a good bargain for $10. It has two sets of crayon, color ink pen, color pencil, watercolor, a ruler, glue, a sharpener and brush. He was making good use of it by drawing on the art book and on his table. Gosh! ; BB having his ABC Alphabeto pasta; He starts learning a bit of ABC so I thought it would be nice to cook him some Alphabet pasta.

Monday, March 06, 2006







Saw this in the email, thought it's quite meaningful and I need to remind myself of that.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Dark hue befriended me this entire week. I was not “In the mood for work”. Everything around me seemed so quiet and static but not the noise in my head.

I planned to runaway- escaping the pollution to treat my spirit to a little spa. (During off hour) Hah!

I put on my headphones with (林宇中- 靠岸) playing.

I am “In the mood of beading”, it has been a while since I last beaded. It is amazing to see lil meaningless beads evolving into something beautiful and useful. I am attempting for more exciting pieces soon.

I think those rings look cute. What do you think? It is okay if you think otherwise as the saying goes beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another comment of him

Gong Gong: Grandpa
Po Po: Grandma

Bb nasty commented on things around him again.
Saw grandpa in the car and pointed to his shirt, which has some paint marks.

Bb: Gong Gong shirt dirty, bb shirt clean clean.


Showing his love for the maid (kakak)

Bb: Po Po, carry…

Po Po: Why? Po Po tired, kakak carry...

Bb: No! Kakak tired, Po Po not tired.


In the car before going to the park bb told Po Po

Bb: Wait, don’t go! Wait for kakak.

Sun has set and park is getting darker, grandma wants him to leave. He refused and said.

Bb: Kakak, lights there (pointed to the streetlights), ong light.

Po Po: cannot find the switch here, let us go home and on light.

Kekeke…cheeky boy kena conned.


Bb starts to call people by their name, not uncle, not auntie, not grandpa…

In the pharmacy

Bb: Hi Mr. Chin (The pharmacist), XX Tan (grandpa’s real name) is coming.

Leaving Pharmacy

Bb: Bye bye Mr. Chin.