Monday, April 17, 2006

Whose is bigger?

On Friday night,

BB: “mommy, Pee pee…..”

Mommy: Brought him to the toilet. After his pee, I wanted to grab a tissue to wipe him. Saw hand towel instead of toilet roll. I uttered to myself “So big”.

BB: “Bb Cu Cu bird so BIG”

Mommy: “Mommy meant tissue la, not your ku ku bird” *rolled eye*


We didn’t go out till in the evening on Saturday. Bb was delighted to be out of the house. He preferred to walk at all time. Phew! I was so relief, no need to carry an 11kg all around in the shopping mall.

We decided to have Johnny’s steamboat in one U. As usual, he did not eat much the entire day. I cooked some Barley water for bb since he was having some runny nose. He finished the whole mug of them plus one whole bowl of egg. maze and bee hun during the dinner. After some food, he roamed around the restaurant with Sri while hubby and I enjoyed our peaceful dinner together. Hubby will only eat many greens when we have steamboat, other times he is very much a meat eater. Can you imagine a used to be vegetarian cooking meat? Yes, I used to be a strict vegetarian for two whole years before I gave up. I cook more nowadays at home after picking bb up from mil’s place. I decided not to eat there so often.

Anyway back to the mall, bb was hyperactive, upon hearing the ice-crème bell, he said “mommy, see Santa Claus”. Sri and me…giggled, “No Santa la, Santa only comes out during Christmas,” I said. I was surprised he remembered seeing one during Christmas time near JJ. We went for some grocery-shopping, grab a sipper cup (Bob the builder) for bb before heading home.

Having the Santa's ice-crème...
noticed he likes to wear this T-shirt nowadays? Yes, I have no choice but allow him. It’s his favourite oversize T-Shirt.


After bathing, bb pointed to papa and smile gently “Papa, cu cu bird BIG BIG”

Mommy: “WHAT?” Whose ku ku bird BIG? BB or papa?

BB: Bb’s cu cu bird BIG BIG.

HAHAHA! Hubby also “KALAH” to Bb.

Bb concentrated at his Elmo's Key-board 0 rama.


Egghead said...

such an early believer on the "Size Does Matter" concept... LOL!

Jesslyn said...

Look like your sex education can take place here too! :P

geetha said...

LOL! Must be careful.. he must contain his comparison thought when he goes to public toilets ;)

Wah, how did you give up being vegetarian? Family?

Hey, he playing the net games ah? Easy to play?

blinka.Li said...

aiyoyo, sex education everyday heh? He is such a boy now. no more bb.. :P

mom2ashley said...

hahahah! so innocently said as welll

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. so small want to have big cu cu bird already??

Daddy got lowered his head and sob in silence or not?? :P

maria @ twinsmom said...

LOL.... really have to becareful to what we say and when we say.

Lazymama said...

haha, so funny! Size comparison!

Blogie-Talkie said...

I did the same with my boy, use toilet paper wipe my boy after Pee,,,
My husband saw me, and said: where got boy use Toilet paper to wipe, only girl do that! Brayden.. just shake your bump and you good to go."" ?( Oh :0 I see!

jazzmint said...

Wah wah...comparing cu cu bird liao cute lerr..Did ur hubby hear that?

MyLittleChampion said...

wai sei, size does matter liow for bb. your weekend so full of activities la. i tot my last weekend can be more productive but end up at home doing scrubbing and ironing. phuit! anyway, will be going on leave on Friday so long weekend for me lor....

Greenapple said...

very jaw-dropping indeed! ha!

shiaulin said...

Me too use toilet paper to wipe Xuan after he pee!! hahaha...

LOL at the comparison, ur hubby take bath together with Bb? ur bb not so heavy lah, my Xuan now almost 14kg loh but still need to carry him most of the time during our outing.

King's wife said...

wah, talking like a man already! comparing size. LOL..!

Allyfeel said...

Hehe...I think he knows the meaning of big but don't know that size does matter yet LOL.

hehe... a bit too much of the sex stuff arr?

Hmm.. I got so sick and it was family la and myself. :(

The net games is very easy to play, just press the keyboard and Elmo will teach him words. :)
No lar, where got everyday? Perhaps I should change name and call him handsome boy ah? kekekeke...

He still say his cu cu bird is bigger than papa one last night. :)

zara's mama
No la...he just kaugh along with me only.

hehe... how to be careful hor sometimes, words just gush out.

yoo...has yee ching ever asked about your breast size? hehe...:P

HAHAHA, ya wor.. shake shake only. Aik... I think toilet paper wipe better ma... :P

Ya, he was there laughing and asked him the same question again.

"pui fook" la...I am afraid of ironing.

Ya... I was surprised too when I first hear it. :)

Ya sometimes we bath together.
Wha..Xuan 14kg, so good. Ei, we no need to go gym, free weight lifting, save money. kekekeke!

King's wife
Hmm... ya hor, man likes to compare their size one meh? Being innocent here. Hah!