Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Whatz up?

Whoa, I had been mia for many days. Mil admitted to hospital last week for urination infection; couple with her diabetic, it was quite serious. Her body did not absorb water and hence, she got very severe dehydration. According to doc, she could have collapse any minute. I am glad that she went to hospital on time and now she is feeling better despite her rashes at her lower body and feeling itchy here and there occasionally.

Daddy called me home and I spend my 2 days as SAHM with bb. As you know, bb was recovering from his fever. As usual, stick to me like glue and was moody and very cranky. I felt so tired and restless as he fussed at night, cannot seem to rest well. I actually lost weight during that sleepless period. I am feeling much better toady therefore; you could hear me utter some words in my blog.

My hands were tight as I was helping an ex-colleague designing her wedding card. It’s been so long since I last do such things, something simple and elegant for her and hubby. It takes up some time, with bb around; it is harder to concentrate, as he demands my attention. I am glad that it’s done already.

Just hope that bb will go thru this clingy phase as quickly as possible. He knows he was being naughty. Sri related this to me this morning. “Bb scolded himself naughty just now” he did I asked? “Yes, he said, Bb naughty, bb cry cry”. Har… at least he knows he was being naughty for crying too much. His voice was as coarse as sand. It was cracking and it took me some time to figure out what he was trying to say. Life is back to normal again, I could hear birds chirping this morning so that makes today a good day. Hope the remaining of your days will be as good too.


Jesslyn said...

ya,wondering why u been MIA for so long, thot tie up with workload!

Glad now everything on track,u can hv a good night sleep too!

Bb looks so fierce hor in that pic..:P

King's wife said...

Hope all's well with MIL.

Show lah, the wedding card you designed.

Zara's Mama said...

Yuks, UTI. I too was admitted for UTI for 5days in 2003. Thought I was not going to last. Glad your MIL is recovering well.

BB is getting cuter now huh?? Some more can say he's naughty. :P

Wow.. do wedding card designing.. but you are so at these things.. sure very nice one.

mom2ashley said...

i didnt know UTI can be so serious? anyways....i think bb is clingy only because he is not well yes? ashley's like that too...poor bb.

michelle said...

By the way I tag you but do it when you are free.

Allyfeel said...

ya lor hor, very fierce face. Ya...can sleep well but time doesn't seem to be enough for me nowadays.

King's wife,
Thanks! She is much better now. Ee...dowan la...later you laugh at me..:P

zara's mama,
Hehe..thanks! Mil is better already, unlike previously her glucose level climbed up to 33.....scary. Now back to her usual 8 to 10.

Cuter and naughty at the same time. :)

yalor, it's because she is a diabetic.

I hope so...Ashley's age I cld understand...she is also teething rite? But bb the moment I am off from home, maid told me he was ok immediately. Hmmm...

Aiks... okay. :) I was kuai kuai lui ler... so nothing much to tell ler but I will try to do it....hehe!

blinka.Li said...

oh,glad it was on time. collapsing for an elderly is no JOKE! phew!

it has been quite some time since bb last caught fever but hey, he is so cute!scolding himself 'naughty'. Such good boy actually. :) sweet!

geetha said...

When kids are sick they become clingy, isn't it.. Aaah, that's when we felt so wanted ;)

I was wondering where you went missing.. Nice to have you back.

Wahhh, designing wedding card. Yeah, it u.. being creative. Gonna show us a peak? :)

You take good care.. and BB too.

mumsgather said...

Yah, show lah the wedding card you designed! Good to hear that your MIL is getting better. What a scare.

Allyfeel said...,
yalor, God always takes care of her, she is one lucky women.

bb cute yes...but sometimes also vomit blood ler.

true also geetha, feeling wanted is nice. Thanks!

I will try la ha....after it has been printed.

Ya, luckily everything is fine now. I will show u a peak after the final print is out. I am attending her wedding as well. :P