Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Wednesday

I think bb’s gums have been extremely itchy nowadays. He bites his security blanket and his little clown friend. Look at this “geli” clown. Bb called this clown “BB”. He bites and wet the clown at its nose; then chuck it away following the remarks “yuck”.

Sri has been washing it every now and then so that clown remains clean for him to bite.

He was a good boy this morning. Smile to me while weaving goodbye without crying. I enjoy moments like this, pleasantly peaceful.

I am going to send these two letters for the “Aircool” contest in My FM hoping to get some cash. Hah! Hope they do call me. “Fingers crossed”.

I have made some beaded rings and sold some to my colleagues. Yay! Such nice feeling enjoyed them. If you are interested, let me know. I will show you how to take measurement and make you one too. It’s handmade from 100% Swarovsky Crystal.


Egghead said...

you really industrious leh... can sell some more :)

MyLittleChampion said...

WOW, so nice. you sure its RM18 and not RM180??!! don't mind to buy some for myself for keep sake and nice lor... can wear these anytime la. i want, so need me to give you purchase order form or not? serious la me....

Jesslyn said...

eh, like wat littlechampion said: 18 or 180? 100 % Swarovsky Crystals wor!

geetha said...

Is he teething? or has all his teeth grown?

Good luck for you entry..

Very hardworking lah you :)
Hmm, and I know I'm supposed to be looking at those rings.. but the fingers on display also nive and slender lah.. Yours ah? ;)

blinka.Li said...

wishing you good luck on MY FM entry and sales for the lovely ring too! chiu chi chiu chi! chap buik ko, lai ah lai ah! :P

jazzmint said...

wahh..u also wanna join that my fm thing!!! I listen to that everyday mann...maybe will hear u over the radio ehehe...good luck.

the rings are very nice lehh...lemme ask the instructor if that's part of the course...hmm...

Allyfeel said...

ai...made already my friend saw like, then I sell lor.

Thanks! Ya, it's one eight. Selling for friends price la. Outside selling at twenty plus I think, pendant going at 30. If you are really interested, drop me an email la. :)

yes la, special price for friends one la. Swarovsky Crystals are not all that expensive one la...depends on the design.

He hasn't got his full set of teeth yet. Thanks! Yaya, my fingers. :P,
Thank you! charge cheap cheap , practice practice.

Haha...don't you think it's easy to get cash that way?

Thank you. You can make ur own now hor. hehe...good! I didn't learn it from there.

Jacky said...

What My FM contest is that? I want to participate too :)

Allyfeel said...

jacky, check out

mom2ashley said...

that's nice..can make money out of something you really enjoy doing as well!:)

michelle said...

Wah nice, did you learn it from the master twinsmom? Or someone else? Hehehe..hey can send me the instructions.

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. very pretty the rings..

So I might hear you on readio one of these days huh?

clair said...

Wow these are beautiful, allyfeel. Did you go for classes to learn or is it natural talent?

maria @ twinsmom said...

whao, nice design.
you so petience with seed bead! I hate using seed bead, it always make me ki-siao wan LOL.... guess may be my eye sight not good, so I avoid it, but it is so versatile.

Twin said...

i like the rings ... its really really nice.

Allyfeel said...

Thanks! doing it, try to make myself explore something different each day.

haha...I have a few teacher, this is a taiwanese teacher. And I learnt others from books as well. You can get most instructions from books. Go MPH and find out.

zara's mama,
Thanks! They never call me lar... shite.

Hehe...I would like to think that i have natural talent. I enhance it by going to clases to pick up newer skills. :D

Thanks! ya lor, it's quite versatile, I am surprise I think I like to outcome of it. I have this excitement seeing it forming something beautiful each time I make one. Can't wait for it to complete.

Thanks! Rings only look nice on hands. Would you like to try it on? :P hehehe!