Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Don't touch, let me do it

I have been slack in updating bb’s development and visiting your blog. I filled my nighttime doing beads jewelry that people order from me. Thus, less time to blog but still have sufficient time to spend with bb.

The other day, he came over and passed me a tiny little string of bullet from stapler he found in his toy bag. Luckily, he did not put it in his mouth. He wanted pretty much to do things on his own. He would open the gate with a remote control; hold on to it until the car enters the garage before closing it. “Kak don’t touch, mommy don’t touch, papa don’t touch, bb close”.

He likes to lock himself up in the room and in the car, it is quite dangerous but he obeys me if I ask him to unlock the door. Phew! I used to have cold sweat when he do that but not anymore. He also likes to help himself with Vitagen in the fridge, leaving the other half with straw in it. *shake head*

We brought him for swimming again, he enjoyed himself so much that he didn’t mind having wrinkle on his hands after playing so long. He is such a great helper especially upon hearing we wanna bring him to swim. He helped to put in his swim suit, set of cloths, daddy’s top and pants. I then chucked my bra and panties to him. “Nah, bb help mommy put in the bag”…He happily unzipped the big bag, slotting my underwear in it. Hehe…I was so bad. But certainly feels good that he is so much grown up already.

A very caring toddler as well, when I cough, I can be assured that the little one knows and he will come and pat on my chest to console me. He prefers to put on cologne and powder on his own as well. Recently, you can see my baby turning himself on and shaking his head with a pasar malam collection of FROG “Feng Tou” songs. He likes spending his time dancing with Sri or Kak Suktei in Mil house.

He can also travel in a car without diaper now. So mommy can safe more on diaper. I find him much cuter now, he can communicate and talk better, picked up words very fast. Hubby and I were thinking to send him to nursery school soon. Do you have any idea of a good one near Bandar Utama?


Zara's Mama said...

That's sooo sweet of him.. helping you out..

Aiyo.. so busy huh you?? I should have kept myself busy with all the work in the office and books I bought.. but dang.. I just get so addicted with blogs!

MyLittleChampion said...

hi hi, we just chatted a while over the phone. yeap, kids can also help us around the house if they dont help us to messed it up!!! can't wait to meet up with you la.... hehe yes, oscar also travels in the car without diaper but dangerous wor, what if he suddenly want to shi shi and you are driving on the highway at 80km/hr??

blinka.Li said...

bravo! great job mama, u teach and bring up your son well. next time must consult u la! :P

when r u coming over again to swim again?

mom2ashley said...

what good progress bb has made. he's now trying to be more independant! sorry..i've no clues about nurseries....I will keep an eye on the tips that will come your way ;)

jazzmint said...

wow that's so nice lehh...he's so independent hoh. Must be easy life for u now hehe.

does he come to disturb when u do ur beadwork? Mine is forever so mischiveous and disturbing me :(.

My place has got 2 kindy, but I'm not sure if they are good though.

Jesslyn said...

yes, they'll start to act as little helper now! but sometimes is too HELPFUL la, ka ka cau cau..:P

geetha said...

Same here. I will get him to help me pack bag, especially when he wants to go to grandparent's place. But, it is really good training to be responsible.

where you guys go swiming ah? we also must go lah. they boys love to go swimming.

Hmm, nuseries.. I have to ask idea from you.. ;) My boys still not ready.

Twin said...

he's such a good helper now .. maybe can start thinking of baby #2. :)

shiaulin said...

wow ur son are same age (28 mth) with my Xuan but he shown much grown up than Xuan leh. know how to change himself liao? good for u.

1+2mom said...

wow your son are so clever ler. He can do so many things by himself. My son nearly 4 years old, he very lazy to do all this things.

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama,
Yes, he likes to help out but sometimes "yue pang yue mang"...:P

Ya lor.. it's one of my passionate hobby, I like doing it to occupy my time.

Hehe...I got a mineral water bottle for him to shi shi...kekeke...creative ler? Hah!,
thanks la..hey...can arrange for Haz and KX one day la.

Hey, would appreciate that.

yalor, slightly easier than before la. 2 kindy? Might want to go and ask around liao.

jesslyn, are right. True also, everything also want to do, slow down my day.

ya...totally agree with you on the responsibility part.

We go to one of the club in KL for swimming.

Well, let me find out more abt those kindy first.

To be frank, I am not ready for No. 2. I love to but...there are thousands of but...hehe!

Ya...he knows how to pull off his own pants..still learning to remove his shirt now. Thanks! What about Xuan ?

I guess, your son has grown bored of all those stuff that he knows how to do. :P Big boy already ma... knows how to manipulate people to do for him....:)

Contented Mum said...

Such helpful boy you have and caring too. Can give mummy comfort when mummy not well. They seem to grow up so fast ya!

Sue said...

How old is BB already? Hubby is also bugging me to bring Ivan to playgroup leh, but he's not even 2 y.o. yet so I really dislike the idea of him starting school so early... my place also got 2 kindy wor, in BU1...

Allyfeel said...

contented mum,
ya man, by the blink of the eyes, they are so big already.

Bb is 2 years 5 months now. Ya...I know all the pressure, I dislike it too. My neighbour sent his boy to nursery only at 3 1/2 years-old.

bu 1 got kindy meh??