Thursday, April 06, 2006

My first sex education

Bb likes to look at his photo book lately. “Mommy, Photo”, bb asked while pointing to one of the white drawer in the bedroom. He would flip through the entire album, pointing and naming people. After naming all people in the photograph, you would hear him say…

“Oh..mommy tummy pain pain”, bb pointing at my last week of pregnancy photograph.

Hah! His sex education starts here. I showed him the big tummy photo and tell him "BB inside mommy’s tummy. Next, mommy tummy pain pain (photo lying down in the hospital bed suffering), Oh..Bb comes out, mommy carry bb at my arms and kiss kiss bb, then mommy tummy flat flat” I acted out the scene to show him where he came from. He stared at my acting and have gentle smile as if he understood what I said.

He asks to see those photos almost everyday since last week. That’s not too bad eh? He knows I suffered delivering him and hope he will love me MORE. :)


Egghead said...

then wat you going to teach him at 12? :P

geetha said...

BB would have understood something.. until he ask to see the pictures often..

While watching you, did he ask any questions? :)

MyLittleChampion said...

aawww, so cute. oscar also need some sex edu already cos he always put a small pillow inside his tummy and said "got baby..."

jazzmint said...

so cute. I guess flipping the album makes him more aware of the relatives and people around him.

When I show Faythe her baby photo, she can't recognise that's herself!!! Aiyoo...but when I show her her latest photo she will laugh and kiss it. Geeezz..

Zara's Mama said...

That reminds me.. I better print out those photos and show Zara them as well..

So that she'll love me MORE too.. :P

mom2ashley said...

ya my thoughts exactly zara's mama! i had better organiza my pictures and start printing them out!

Twin said...

hehhe i told Denisha that too when she was 1 year plus ... and she just went huh huh ... *duh* Hehhee
Eh .. Bb seems to be looking more matured now and he's also thinner. What happened? Appetite not good?

1+2mom said...

When i 2nd pregnancy, we bring along my son to check up (he was 1 year plus). Nurse asked him where is the baby, he will point to my tummy. After the twins born, i asked him again..he point to the babies :)

That's mean the little kids know more then we expect :P

blinka.Li said...

i remember seeing some sketches of early sex education for children, too bad i deleted it from my mail box, otherwise can send to you! It is from German I think...interesting. :)

Allyfeel said...

May be how to "kao Lui". kekeke...

not really la. He just talk on his own.

Haha...why he put pillow inside his tummy? So cute... you must have told him the same story.

I guess she can't regconise herself then.

zara's mama, mom2ashley,
That's the only album I have of him, up to I think 6 or 7 months old. Bad hor? The rest I haven't print them out as well. :P

Aiyoo...I had bad time feeding him. He is such a picky eater. After his last fever, he lost weight and grew taller.

Agreed with you. They surprise us with their understanding.,
I saw that too. I still have it with me. :P I guess it's a good start for to show them that cartoon series.

Greenapple said...

clap clap, must have been an interesting lesson. =)