Friday, April 21, 2006

Dinner. Stranger.

LAST NIGHT was MIL’s birthday. We went for a simple dinner at Mt. Kiara, a Taiwanese restaurant. Bb was excited to be out as usual, trying to show off how to operate his Bob the Builder’s bottle to uncle Jo, Bil. He has been sipping water from that bottle ever since daddy purchased it, which is good, no more bottles in public.

He also created rapport with waiter and waitresses there. There was a fat uncle got so fond of him and present-ed him a chopstick holder. (Like that also can. Hah!) Bb showed it to me, it was in the shape of a Japanese koi fish. I told him to return it to uncle, Sri told me he returned but uncle insisted he kept it. UR! Okay! “Well, then you can keep it” I told him.

Later, he came to me telling he was scared. I asked him why, he told me the BIG BIG uncle scary. Actually according to Sri, that uncle wanted to carry him, he got scared. Mil told me this - Once a stranger offer to carry bb, he wanted to go with stranger, mil threatened him that if he goes, he will never see anyone of us anymore. That is why he got scared; he related the same experience that happened to him. I think, in a way it is good, he can be friendly to people but not accepting their hand to carry. Better, I can’t afford to loose my son.

He behaved well last night, sat down on his high chair to eat dinner. After a while, monkey decided to roam around the restaurant while the rest of us feast upon the yummylicious food. We had Taiwanese Chicken with mint leaves, lala with wine, Cod fish with some sauce, tofu, pork ball, Stir fry bitter gourd with lamb, asparagus with minced meat, lotus soup and some nice fragrant tea. (dunno the name) I eat only..keke.

After dinner, bb waved and kiss goodbye to everybody before heading home. I felt bloated, I overate again. Darn!

see..the koi fish chopstick holder on the floor...


Egghead said...

wah! you have to get him back into his socialize mode wor :)

geetha said...

I don't prefer my boys being carried by strangers.. so, if he don't want to be carried, I don't mind loh.. especially nowadays, many kidnap kids by giving things!

BTW, you got tagged :)

Jesslyn said...

Both my girls afraid of stranger too, no need to threathened them! :P

blinka.Li said...

good tectic. at least he felt threatened and won't simply accept strangers. Phew! Overeating once in a month is ok la dear! :)

krazie*angel said...

the restaurant looks like a really nice place.

we (me and you and friends) should go there one day for makan.

and i would love to meet bb now that he is pretty big boy liow :)

MyLittleChampion said...

wa the menu so yummy la.... oscar also dont want to be carried by stranges... good cos can reduce kidnap rate la...

Zara's Mama said...

Good for BB huh.. friendly and yet be at a distant (not allowing people to carry).

mom2ashley said...

i think it's good that he is afraid to go with strangers. quite scary when you thikn of it if he willingly go off with one right?


just wonder, did you just let BB roam around as long as he is within sight?

my hubby is pretty kiasu, he will think that people may grab and run away with his kids-lah...he might bump into waiters carrying hot soup-lah...blah..blah..

just wonder how other parents handle situation when the kids decided to act monkey...

Allyfeel said...

He is pretty okay with that. The next day after the dinner, he was tailing a little girl already.

ya lor, scary, better that way not to let them carry.

so well trained.,
yaya...but everyday "jia lat" loh.

sure, let's organize.

yaya..not bad, but some food a bit salty la.

zara's mama,
hope he will stay like this at all time.

true...can't imagine.

Hey, glad to have you back.

Actually my hubby also thought about all those scary moments but we always ask the maid to stay close to us. That's the only way for me to enjoy my meal, bb can be quite a handful at times.

Twin said...

aiyo ... my boy is ok with strangers. When we were in Tesco the other time. The security guard wanted to carry him and he let him. I almost freak out. Luckily he did not ... if not i will be sanitising him :Þ
Bb is quite a big boy now. How old is he? He look like my girl's age. Cute huh when he say funny things. Really melt you inside. :) They do grow up quickly.

Twin said...

Btw, the koi fish holder is really nice.

Loc Kee said...

halo, 1st time here...

i notice that Feng Lai restorant last time when i went to the Cheese Steamboat right behind the shop.

is it good? tell us more la, would like to try.
Still considering EricZhang (Jeong Mun Yan) place or this Taiwan place.

Twin said...

loc kee: eh what cheese steamboat.

Allyfeel said...

ya...the deco also not bad inside. :)

Loc Kee,
How to tell more ler, I busy makan liao and shy to take photos of food. Food quite nice la...there were 6 adults and one toddler plus a maid. The bill came up to about four hundred plus.

Why don't you and buddy go try, and tell us the story plus food pic? :D

Twin, I think he meant Chinese steam boat?

Loc Kee said...

hehe i mean CHEESE Steamboat la, its just behind the FengLai reatorant.

Fondue House Cheese Steamboat:

Allyfeel said...

loc kee,
Ooppss! I feel so "kampung" now. "Whistle, try to act blur* :D