Thursday, September 29, 2005

Banana beauty balm

My face was very dry, sensitive the other day and I was running out of hydrating mask. How ah? I remembered looking at some home remedies for beauty from the net. I left it in my car. I went looking for it and found this piece of economical way of hydrating my face. So I just picked up some ingredients from the kitchen.


½ fresh banana
1 tablespoon fresh heavy whipping cream, lightly warmed
1 teaspoon honey, lightly warmed
1 drop German chamomile essential oil
1 tablespoon finely powdered oats (add more if product seems runny, less if it seems too thick)

I substituted whipping cream with a tablespoon of my son’s milk powder *hehe*, I drop the essential oil, didn’t pound the oat. Add all the ingredients with a little bit of hot water, stir well and massage over skin/ face using gentle, sweeping motions. While waiting for it to dry before rinsing, I gobble up the remaining of the mixture for my supper while watching my favorite Chinese sitcom. *yummy*

It was quite cool, cheap ingredients, no need to buy expensive mask. Enjoy!

Lesson 4 - Beads work

Instructor: one 20 odd year-old handsome young men

Students: One married, one single woman

Venue: PJ

Tutorial: Glass Beads Bracelet

Technique: Bending head pins into nice round loops

Tools: Cutter, Round Nose Plier, Flat Nose Plier

Components: Glass Beads, head pins, jump rings, lobster clasp.

Comments: My finger got sore after twirling and bending those head pins. Need to bring plaster for the next lesson.

Step-by-Step instruction will be added in much later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Survivor of Dengue

It was in 1992/3. I could still recall how bad I felt when I was diagnosed with Dengue fever. I didn’t even realize it until I traveled to Miri staying with a college friend. I was already having on and off fever a week ago in west Malaysia. But didn’t really border thinking it was just a normal fever. But my conditions worsen after returning from Brunei. I had headache, bone, joint, muscle ached, nausea and vomiting. I felt cold and hot within minutes.

Finally I was admitted to the Miri hospital. I was placed in the first bed right after the entrance. My face looked blurring and suffered according to my ex’s sister’s friend.

The nurses took my blood for testing every morning and evening during my 4-day stayed before I was transferred back to KL. I had a tube poked into my hand. I drank lots of fluids and frequented the toilet. Doctors examined my body; I think I looked like a hurt and worried sick monkey.

My friend’s mother was upset over the fogging and that their house got Aedes mosquitoes.
Sorry la auntie!

After four days, I was transferred back to KL and stayed another ten days while the doctor observed me. I was so worn out and still felt sick and uneasy. I told the doc, “Doc, I can’t take the orangy colored antibiotic, please don’t prescribe it to me because when I take it, I will puke yellow water from my tummy.”

Doc left, nurse came with fever medicine and antibiotic, the orangy one. “OMG! What is this? Didn’t the doctor hear what I say?” *grumbled* I had to take it when the nurse was there. Bloody uneasy my tummy felt. I decided to do something evil. The next time the nurse deliver the medicine, I would take the rest but keep the orangy one. *Hehehe*

Guess what? After 6 days, I had a mountain full of orangy antibiotics in my pencil case. Whee!!! Allyfeel, Bravo!!! I was cured without the Medicine le. I guess I have to thank my mum for taking care of me and brought lots of nice food and “Kuat Sa” for me to reduce my fever. “MOM, you are the best!”

I must count my lucky stars; I was discharged after six days. All in all, hospital was my home for 10 days. When I was out of the hospital, I lost 6kg. All my college friends were shock to see me. My face was sunken and I looked like a walking skeleton.

Folks, better be safe than sorry. Start having some precautions especially with kids at home.

Kuat Sa is a traditional way of bringing down fever. It's done by using a comb like device to comb body parts until it becomes reddish to release heat from body.


We attended a friend’s son one year-old birthday party recently. Most of hubby’s best friend, friends cum clients were around. As usual, there are lots of chit chatting, food munching and kids running around.

BB was running around playing with his kakah and hubby asked bb to go over and say hello to one of this client friend that always gave him very super tight deadlines.

Papa: BB, where is BB?

BB point point to himself, and say yea…

Papa: BB where is papa?

BB pointed to papa and utter there…

Papa: BB where is mama?

BB pointed to me and say mama…

Papa: BB where is handsome?

BB point point to himself and say yea…

And out of a sudden this wife of the client who is six and a half month pregnant asked:

BB where is naughty?

BB pointed to her husband whom is my hubby’s demanding client and say there…

Hahaha…BB you are such a good boy, you help papa to bully back uncle M. Hubby patted bb happily.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I was just thinking of selling my camera for a faster shutter speed one. Coz my Sony digital camera can’t capture picture well, it always flashes too long. By the time I snap, my son is gone and the picture will go blurry already.

Sunday I went back to my mum’s place and found out that she has just bought a new digital camera, the slimmer and nicer one. Surprisingly, her camera also performs the same as mine. It has slow shutter speed as well. After checking with my husband and camera sales men we found a solution to stop the flash going twice. Simple, just go to set up and turn off the red eye reduction function and the double flash will be gone. Cool! It’s that simple. If there isn’t any of this function, look out for the flash icon with an eye symbol on the LCD screen and turn it off. But the disadvantage is that you will risk having red eye in the picture but it can be fixed easily using relevant software.

I can enjoy my camera for now, no need to sell yet. *Grin*

Friday, September 23, 2005


Do you caress yourself to sleep? I remembered I did rub my palm against a smelly tiny pillow to sleep. But my son is different; he will use his left finger to caress his palm then roll down to his arm and repeat the same action using the other hand. I like watching his little fingers rolling up and down until he finally falls asleep.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lesson 3 - Beads work

Instructor: one 20 odd year-old handsome young men

Students: One married, one single women

Venue: PJ

Tutorial: Glass Beads Bracelet

Tools: Cutter, Round Nose Plier, Flat Nose Plier

Components: Nylon beading thread, Glass Beads, seed beads, jump rings, crimp beads, lobster clasp.

Step-by-Step instruction will be added in much later.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Art for art sake

The other day, I saw a 5-yr old kid doodling on a book provided by his parents who were seated beside him on a dinning table. I was very curious of what he was drawing coz I like to see kid’s art for art sake’s expression, I think they are beautiful. So I went over and kepoh a bit la. On close observation, I saw him drawing steps and steps of stairs and some other geometrical objects. Inside my heart I was just thinking probably this little chap liked to climb stairs and got obsessed with it. I didn’t bother much la coz when I talked to him he didn’t answer me also la.

After a few minutes, the kid was showing tantrum and crying in front of everyone.

Puzzle?? The father asked: “What’s wrong?”
Boy: “The steps are not equal; I don’t know how to draw them”
Father: “aiyo, daddy help you draw, use the ruler la, and all must be equal size one, draw this one bigger, don’t make noise again.”

So the little fellow drew using ruler measuring those steps one by one.

Gosh!!! I can’t believe it. Children have the most creative energy and imagination that they should be encouraged to draw freely and expressively but not seeking approval from parents all the time. Through drawing, we parents will understand what our children think and thus guide them towards the right path but not lead them to a stiff path at the tender age of 5 or younger.

In my humble opinion, parents should not afraid that their kids will not catch up or join contest or win prizes instead they should focus on nurturing the creative ability in children. It will help them in many aspects of life not only the art realm. Please don’t kill their creativity by teaching them the wrong way, allow the artistic spontaneity in them flow.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Gateau Affairs

I have just finished watching a Chinese drama called “The Gateau Affairs”. It’s a tale of cake making, love and family. Casts: Joe Ma, Myolie Wu. It’s quite an entertaining show, lots of great imaginations as well. I fell in love with Joe Ma after watching this show. I think he is so men, tall, caring and good looking. If you also like black forest cake, give it a go, you will enjoy the yummy cake display.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Chinese dinner

We attended a wedding dinner on Saturday night. I am never good at remembering names. My God, I even got the groom mother’s name wrong and to make things worst, I forgot the groom father’s name…..”errr uncle….Congratulations!” . That’s what came out from my mouth. I am so surprise that the groom called my name clearly. So” malu” but still try to act ok la. Aiyoo! After pregnancy, my memory is not 100% recuperated yet ma. *excuse, excuse, excuse*

Other than the bride’s bulging stomach, the food was really superb. The chef must be complimented for his passion, creativity and unique food/art pieces that he had showcased. Has anyone ever tasted a shark fin, sea cucumber, black chicken in a full coconut shell? Hmm…I love it; the sweetness of coconut juice blended with ingredients above is out to give eaters a tongue orgasm. My hubby emptied two coconut shells.*haha*

Apart from that, there are spring chicken with orchid flower, abalone with fresh bean sprout and lemon juice and….etc. It’s actually a Chinese restaurant in the new stretch near Eden KL opposite Jalan Imbi. I didn’t remember the English name but the Chinese name of the restaurant is “古月天”.

Chinese banquet is nice to enjoy but one got to be able to socialize too in order not to look weird. I must admit I am not good at this, perhaps I am not a good liar nor I like to showoff. Nevertheless, it was a great dinner.

Husband, wife, bb and kakah headed home tiredly but satisfied.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Just play play

My hubby and I like to play punch face to show affections. I know it’s weird but trust me it’s really fun. I enjoy punching him on the face. I will punch him on his left face “Bushh..” and he will swift the whole head to the left as if he really kena pukul harshly.Then he will punch me also, I will pretend to kena punch also, sometimes we even lift our legs and start kicking.

Last night we acted and played punching happily. Here comes bb close to the father’s face. “Bushh…!” Oppss…he punched the father like how mommy punching papa. HaHaHa, being a very evil mother I call bb.

“BB, call papa and Bushh…” teaching him again to punch papa. He called papa, papa using his small little fist to punch the father “Bushh…!” He is so cute. I know it’s bad to teach bb like that, hey just play play ma, No Play No Fun.

My yoga teacher

My back is so aching after yoga last night. It was very taxing but enjoyed it very much. 2 more weeks, I am gonna stop going to my teacher for yoga. I feel a little sad. She is good just that I wanted a more convenient place to practice.

I went to Midvalley and got her a chocolate green tea moon cake (wonder how it taste like) and Jasmine green tea from purple cane for her. I want to thank her for being my yoga shi fu so serve her tea lo.

She always cracked jokes to make classes lifelier. She speaks like Taiwanese, got a pair of huge breast. Haha… I still remember once I was so sweaty and shivered during the yoga practice, she asked me why, I said “I am hungry”, so she went to her kitchen and got me a piece of chocolate. “Put in your mouth and suck”. So nice of her, let me eat chocolate during yoga session. I will remember her and if I can I would go back to her again not bcoz she gave me chocolate but for her skills & knowledge of yoga.

Talking about yoga, I practiced pregnancy yoga while I was having my first baby. It was so rewarding coz it shocked a lot of people even my gynae said that it was fast for the first baby. I had contraction at about 5am and reached hospital at 7am, by 9:58am bb was out already, natural birth some more. Not bad ah…*hehehe*.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The little mimic devil

© Allyfeel watercolor

Bb: po po…..pleee….there….. *point point to the dining table*

Grandma: What do you want darling?

Bb: blow blow his mouth......there……

Grandma: Oh…you want to test glucose also ah? Painful oh….are you sure?

Bb: ya….*blow his mouth* ……mimic the painful experience.

So Grandma passed bb the Accu-Check device and pretended to prick him with the needle on the Soft-Clix and hold his finger to put his blood (bluff bluff him, no blood one) on the strip to test glucose level. He was not satisfied because there was no blood. He went thru the whole process again and again with his grandma until the phone rang and I told him Papa calling then only he stopped to leave the table.

OMG! Hope he won’t be obsessed with these things and definitely not turning to a diabetic. He is a little mimic devil!

Accu-Check device and Soft Clix- A home blood glucose level testing kit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Money Gazing

Money is so important in our daily life. One just can’t live without them. The moment you step out of your house you gotta unfold your pocket.

I spend my money paying Tol day in day out; I exchange them for a full tank of petrol which seems to decrease so fast in such a short time. I spend them wise and bright to get the most nutritious food for my family. I allocate them for my monthly bills. I use them for ever expensive milk powders and diapers. I invest them in so called Protect link, life, 36 illnesses plan to take care of my future when I become old and dry. I donate them for charity to do good deeds coz I believe in karma. I fork out some to buy presents for friends and colleagues to see smile in their face. I misspend thousands of them in beauty products thinking it will make me look like a star. I consume them to acquired new skills for self-improvement. I conserve them for emergencies. I accumulate them so that one day I can work as my own boss!

Money, money, money, all the money. I need and want you so much like organs in my body to function well. Please remember to invite your friends to visit me 24 by 7, the more the merrier. I promise to welcome you with my warmest hands and spend you well. ;)

Monday, September 12, 2005


Sunday Morning – My hubby and I sort of had a disagreement on the way we feed bb medicine. Bb is down with slight sore throat and flu. If I were to feed him with the maid helping me, I will just shoot the meds and press his nose until I hear “Gallop”. Done!

But when hb is helping I can’t do that, he thinks my way will hurt and suffocate bb. Well, I think it is only common sense that kids know how to breath using their mouth automatically when the nose is block for just hardly 30 sec. Sigh!! We ended up having sour face and I kena long long lecture; I just kept quiet and didn’t talk to him for the whole morning and afternoon. There goes my Sunday.

Thank God, everything subsided and he brought us out for dinner and brought bb to KizSports & Gym in One Utama. Bb was very excited and I have never seen him run so fast and he actually screamed. It was a super bargain, RM 8 for unlimited play hours. Loads of activities- he kicked, he climbed, he ran, and he swooped. The whole family can play together including maids provided everyone wears socks. There were clean toilets, café bar with pop corns, sandwiches, muffins and drinks; prices were reasonable too.

After playing for one and a half hour…hehe….the little one was so exhausted and he became quiet, he clanged on to me and we decided to call it a day. The attendant was nice enough to give bb a balloon as a souvenir, we waved bye bye and good night to them and headed home happily.

Friday, September 09, 2005

A letter to BB

Before I left mum’s place I put BB to sleep. We sang Incy Wincy Spider while playing with the gestures like how it’s shown on the VCD. We sang Barney’s BINGO, repeated six times. He refused to close his eyes thinking that I will leave him and he can’t see me again. I pretended to sleep; I peeped at him thru the edge of my eyes. He slept on his tummy starring at me quietly with his big eyes.

After tumbling his legs and hands, moving up and down, mumbling to himself, finally he fell asleep. I quickly sneaked out and left home without him crying fiercely.

2am in the morning…."flip left, flip right x 5"…. could not sleep…..

……wrote a letter to BB……

Dearest angel BB,

Mummy misses you so much that I could not sleep. Before sleeping I took the yellow top that you left on the bed this afternoon and put it beside me thinking of you. Mummy sniff sniff and hug hug your top top to sleep. Just want to let you know that you are my very precious jewel.

I miss touching your tiny little face
I miss your twinkling eyes
I miss your mischievous smile
I miss the way you call and “sayang” ma ma
I miss the way you wrapped around mummy; so tight and secure
I miss the way you kick football
I miss singing Incy Wincy Spider with you
I miss seeing you running happily and wildly
I miss seeing you kissing other girl girl
I miss seeing you playing vrrrrooom, vrrrrrroorm

Please be a good boy and don’t trouble po po and gong gong.


Invent Your Scent

I am in the mood of creating stuff... found this interesting piece, haven't try yet. You can give it a go, let me know if it's nice. Just wondering how would it be if I spray some on my body before "do do" .....hihihihi... *evil smile*

Homemade Love Tonic (Cologne) by Pioneer Thinking
(Increases feelings of love, Aphrodisiac)

3 drops sandalwood essential/fragrance oil
2 drops vanilla essential/fragrance oil
3 drops cedarwood essential/fragrance oil
15 drops bergamot essential/fragrance oil
1/2 pt (300ml) 70 percent alcohol or vodka

Pour the alcohol into a bottle or jar. Add the oils and shake well. Leave for 1 week. Go easy on this stuff. You can always make more!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Best Friend's Birthday

My best friend has been blessed with a very nice hubby. Without her realizing, the hubby has planned for an early surprised party for her in Prego, Westin Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang.

There were altogether 14 guests; we were one of the lucky couple being invited. Birthday girl is my best friend. We grew up together in the same town. We used to check out guys, had piano lessons, ballet classes, cycling, climbed fallen coconut trees and did many more things together.

Hubby and I arrived last….almost late, “aiyo…he is rounding KL now waiting for you guys la…” said another friend. They were waiting outside with Felipe Rutini Champagne NV served. A waiter served us a glass each and we then quickly proceeded to the private room in Prego to wait for her arrival….

“SURPRISE!!!” we shouted loud and clear together.

She dressed in glossy, sleek, and smooth satin with a pair of dangling diamond earrings.
Her face looked Shock, Surprise and very Delighted just in a few seconds.“Wow, all my best friends are here, pinch pinch her hubby”.*Grin Grin*

It was a very cozy, nice ambience room with light dimmed and some soft music in the background. There were flowers, rose petals arranged beautifully on the dark brown pine wood dinning table. Tall wine glasses were placed neatly. Cutleries and plates were layout elegantly. There was a bronze color scroll with red ribbon around it on my left, I unrolled it, oh…2 red and 2 pink roses inside and it was actually the menu of the night.

It looked like the following:
Happy Birthday BG

Felipe Rutini Champagne NV
Terrina di Fegato Grasso
Foie Gras and Pesto Terrine, Fennel Salad, Pumpkin Chutney
Joh. Jos Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett 2002
Zuppa a di Zucca
Pumpkin Cappuccino with Smoked Duck Breast, Fresh Basil and Taleggio
Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett 2002
Risotto, Funghi Porcini, Olio Extra Vergine
Cepes Mushroom Risotto, Extra Virgin Oil
Joh. Jos. Prum Zeltinger Sonnenhur Riesling Spatlese 1999
Pesco Spada Arrosto
Roasted Sword Fish, Eggplant and Zucchini with Saffron Jus
Tagliata di Manza Alla Griglia
Grilled Beef Sirloin, Asparagus and Polenta Mash with Beef Jus
Chateau Duhart – Milon Rotnschild 1990
Gianduiotto di Torino
Hazelnut Chocolate From Turin, Filled with Hazelnut Ice Cream
Bollinger Brut Champagne Grande Annee 1995
Petit Fours
Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenhur Riesling Auslese 1999
Freshly Brewed Coffe or Tea

Every dish came with a matching wine. I ordered a Roasted Sword Fish, Eggplant and Zucchini with Saffron Jus. My hubby ordered Grilled Beef Sirloin, Asparagus and Polenta Mash with Beef Jus. BG (Birthday girl) told me that Chef used to be a mat salleh, Italian or French but now hired Chinese. Oh…no wonder I tasted some “Chai pao” – veggie poa’s fillings in my main course. Huh? Italian that taste a bit like Chinese? He he but the food was not bad la…, love the Hazel Nut Ice cream and Strawberry Cheese cake.

I enjoyed the wine, especially JJ Prum Zeltinger Sonnenhur Riesling Spatlese 1999 and JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenhur Riesling Auslese 1999. Even though they smelt like petroleum but trust me, it tasted so sweet and so yummy….according to BG this is her favorite wine and they were very hard to get, BG’s hubby said it took him two months to order those wines. “WOW!!! …I must count my lucky star…” (FYI- the dinner is fully paid for..hihi).

BG’s hubby showed us some tutorials on how to hold wine glasses after my hubby’s special request la.

“ you should hold the wine glass by the leg(lower part of wine glass), demonstrating…, not the upper part, if u hold like that ah, people know u come from kampung one…, u don’t want to warm up the wine before u drink em” .

“So why u want to twirlllll the glass like that la…showing…rotating the wine glass furiously“. Hubby asks again.

“Oh…that one u does it when u want to smell the wine la…sniff sniff”.

We spent the rest of the night chit chatting among ourselves and snapped photos. It would be great if all of us get drunk again like how we used to 2 years ago when we mix Chinese “Mao Tai” with Red Wine…that was classic. He he… we are much decent and responsible now with kids around, everyone seems to know their limit. Nevertheless, it was a great night out together.

Cheers and Happy Birthday pal!!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Why women need men?

Why do women need men? To be with her when women are sad? To be listened to when women need emotional support and security? When women need affection and romance? When women want attention? To feel cherished?


Unfortunately, men just don’t get it. When men need women to listen to, women will open up her ears and listen enthusiastically but when women need men to listen to, they will take out their newspaper or magazine and nicely read right in front of them and pretending they are listening. Men are rude and they think they are always right! And when women try to talk, before she could finish he has already assumed. What can women do? Trying to make conversation with men will only make you have stiff neck coz when you talk they just look to the front. It takes a lot of effort to nurture a relationship. It can be so exhausting, deadly and unhealthy; like a lump in your breast…!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan

I was a side drummer from primary 3 to secondary 5. I started participating in the Merdeka parade when I was in my primary 5. It was hard work and lots of drum solos, marching and practices. Occasionally, we have to sacrifice school hours and also weekends to practice, practice and practice. Why practice so hard? Coz we want to look good in front of our PM and also millions of tv audiences …he he….glamour ma!

Unfortunately, the fierce sun would hit my skin and make it turn red and later brown. I used to put on lots of Nivea cream (innocent, should go with a banana boat) on my face and hand to prevent sun burn; I looked like a doll with rosy cheek for the first 3 days and then a Malay girl for the next 2 weeks or so.

But it was an unusual 31 August morning. I put on my cool maroon pancaragam top, my sexy beige mini skirt and my beige boots with brown lace tying to a butterfly knot. I grabbed my maroon artist cap which had a bright yellow feather at the side and headed to school to depart to the Merdeka square.

Well, we were all prepared to lead a pasukan of company employees to march towards the PM stage. “Drrrrrrrrrrrr….de dum de dum de dum……” we marched and marched and marched confidently, saluted to the PM on the stage, it went so well and everything seemed so fine. My drum major flanged her breathtaking Drum major stick, wow…it was high and there were lots of applause. We were saved as she performed so well. FYI, I stood in the front row, approximately 1 to 2m from her. We were all relieved but we still need to march around the city to reach our end point. We had to perform our best still as they were lots of audiences standing along the narrow KL city street cheering for us. We played songs and drum solos and my drum major decided to show off her stupendous skill again along the crowded street.

HUH…HUH…HUH...she flanged her stick high up, within a sec, she came towards me and pulled her stick out of my drum, left a huge hole on the surface of my bloody drum. "Shit! Why am I so unlucky?" Embarrassed, I marched swinging my right hand with my drum stick and held my cedera parah’s drum on my left hand. I tried to lift my head high and straighten my back pretending nothing has happened. “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!”