Friday, February 02, 2007

A friendly video spokesperson

RegOnline sponsors this post.

Have you come across a video spokesperson that guides you through a complicated conference registration form before?

As any other registration form, it started out by asking you to fill in email address, person-attending events, payment mode and so on. What appears different here is it has an online video spokesperson to greet you and guide you through the registration. Very personalize! It would be better if the spokesperson, Connie appears faster before I fill in those details. It definitely adds comfort and warmness to a cold cyber space registration.

I think if this feature is to apply on sales oriented websites explaining usage and functions of products, it would be a success. Online games designer can look into this virtual guide to explain rules on how to play a complicated game. Politician can make use of this marvelous technology to run their campaign and recruit members online. Imagine our DAP’s leader Mr. Lim pitching about how he could make Malaysia a better place if his party is to take over the current. Cool invention indeed! :)