Friday, February 09, 2007

Excuse me

While daddy and I were talking in the living room, this was what happened:

Bb: Mommy, mommy
D&M: We did not reply but kept chatting
Bb: Excuse me mommy…(loud)
D&M: Wait darling
Bb: Hey… excuse me
Mommy: Can you wait? Please don’t disturb when mommy is talking to daddy.
Bb: No, I can’t wait.
Mommy: Why can’t you wait?
Bb: Because I am stubborn.
Mommy: Speechless….

He must have picked up that word when we laid our remarks on him.
He said excuse me very frequently. Reason being, he has loads of gas. Yea, he farts a lot. ;P


geetha said...

Wow! At least he has good manners in saying excuse me (although he was disturbing your conversation ;)

baby-ryanlim said...

Oopss.. u revealed BB's big secret ar. Later when he grows up and his friends read abt it ma very paiseh lor.. :P

jazzmint said...

at least he says excuse me :P...mine she will just talk n talk as though we have another person toking to us..goshh..

hey nice scrap ;)

Sasha said...

where did he get his stubborness from?

Desperate Mummy said...

OMG bb excatly like my son now but I'm sure he dunno wat he is saying like my son.

Allyfeel said...

I think he said excuse me for the farts not disturbign us. :)

Not sure if blogger can lst that long or not. Hehe...but I am sure he is okay one. :P

jazzmint, are lidat one hor, if they are not chatty I think we will be worried. Thanks!

From both of us la....kekekeke!

desperate mummy,
May be la...he was just picking up those words from us adults. I must jaga my words also.

Annie Q said...

haha..BB is just so cute and funny!Eh..i like the new look on ur blog!nice nice!

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. clever.. know how to say excuse me.. :P

And so handsome this Dr BB. :P

Shannon said...

wei wei... he very smart leh...
daddy & mommy also,oledi say excuse me somemore dun wanna listen to him... hahahaha

pst, the photo in the scrap, SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!!!!

michelle said...

At least u get an "excuse me". My children just drown our conversation with their voice.