Thursday, February 08, 2007

Birthday party

Over the weekend, we attended a friend’s 2yr-old son’s birthday party. It was awesome. The owner arranged loads of activities for kids to enjoy. Bb had great fun doing coloring, making paper puppets of Barney and friends, treated himself to a waterproof tattoo and baloons.

I think my friend must have spent a lot of time and money preparing this party. The environment was superb; English breakfast was just so yummy. It was a restaurant located in Mount Kiara Damai called Bijou. I enjoyed myself yakking with long lost college friend found in the party.

My friend is thoughtful; she takes all the trouble to prepare different gifts for kids who attended the party. There was like three boxes of Japanese biscuits, a cotton finger puppet, Play-doh, a box of color pencil and some other stuff which I’ve forgotten. Hmm…don’t we just envy the life of a rich tai tai cum SAHM?

Left: Bijou Restaurant


Ricket said...

Wonderful that the owner arranged so many activities for the kids. This gives me some ideas for my Ally's birthday this Sunday.

geetha said...

Must have been a posh birthday celebration. Glad you guys enjoyed it :)

mom2ashley said...

sounds like a fun party and i'm sure all the kids were happy with their loot yea! and bb is such a big boy now!

Sasha said...

there's just something about yr son i really like. HE IS SO HANDSOME!!

Kevin said...

Justing wondering, what's SAHM?

Allyfeel said...

Yea, the activities were great. I think Ally's friends are gonna love em.

It was. Even I enjoyed it myself.

Definitely. They grow up pretty fast eh? But believe it or not, he only grows vertically. He hardly really gain weight. He is still 11kg. *faint*

Eh, want to bertunang or not with my son? Fast fast get a piggy girl la. ;P

SAHM stands for " Stay At Home Mom". ^__^

blinka.Li said...

Aiyah, missed d party. Nice restaurant indeed. Envy ler! I would be home grounded like until god knows when...haha

mott said...


I also know the Bijou Owner...

Had many parties there also..kee kee kee..nice place, got playarea for kids!

For long time, I always think it's a nice place of a blogger mummies gathering...yes/no?

Maybe shud arrange? wht think u? email me la... hahahahah