Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Battle between bb & mommy again

After seeing Playhouse Skywalker - Epic Battle, it reminds me of my version of Epic Battle with bb. Hehe...he grew fond of this stuff b'cause sometimes I use this to whack his buttocks. :)

Monday, May 29, 2006

A betrayal grandson


Mil told hubby this and he related the story to me. Bb gave away her cards to the auntie on the Mah Jong table. He went to mil’s place and told other aunties mil’s cards. He told the aunties mil had one “飞- fei” , 2 “Bola-bola” and 1 “Cat” (Flower card). Then the auntie asked bb any more cards? BB replied “No more”. Auntie asked again how many “飞- fei” does mil has, bb replied “1 only” *Gosh!!!*

Actually, I do not know how to play Mah Jong, bb must have got influence from all those “师奶”(housewife) like mil….*shake head*


BB was kicking ball in the garden, KICK, KICK….KICK…..opppss…ball flown to the neighbour’s garden.

BB: OH MY GOD! Ball gone! (Exact words)
Mil was stunt at the above phrase. He must have picked up from me.

My hands are full holding all bb’s stuffs while going down the stairs. Bb called me to help holding his bottle so that he could hold the rail while descending the staircase. I told him “Mommy got no hand, cannot help you”

The next morning, while going down the staircase,
BB: “mommy, bb got no hand, help me" He wants me to hold his bottle for him.

Mommy: “No, it’s not no hand, my hands are full. Mommy said wrongly, dun say no hand next time okay?”



Last night…

We went back to Pil’s place to have dinner for ”端午节 – Chung festival“ and pay homage to ancestor. I tried to place bb in his car seat, he reluctant to get in. He made a scene out of it by crying, kicking and screaming furiously. I pressed him down with the help of Sri but he continued to climb out twisting and turning his body with lots of tears. Gosh!!! I was stern and tough on this previously but he cried too much. Eventually I let him travel without a car seat. I hated doing this; all my effort to make him sit on car seat has just gone to waste. He has grown to refuse car seat now. What am I gonna do? Do you have this problem?


This morning…

Mommy: BB, come and kiss mommy goodbye.
BB shook his head: bb got “misai” (moustache)
Mommy: Where got???

When he doesn’t want to kiss his father and grandpa, he would say “misai” swooshing his index finger around chin and upper lip area. I think it’s his excuse not to kiss me. *Naughty*

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A date with Zoe and daddy's friends

It was Daddy friend's birthday; we met up with some of them last night for dinner in Italianese at The Curve. There are lots of yakking between the people who are crazy about soccer, betting, “Zhi Mo” (Mah jong playing).

Bb as usual was jolly well happy and dynamic in exploring the environment. He joined Zoe for some Barney show on a portable DVD. My observation, parent nowadays keeps their toddlers occupied with CD’s so that they will have a peaceful mealtime. Zoe’s mother is not the first one I met doing this. In a way it is good to avoid them leaving their chairs but I thought bb watch too much CD’s and TV already. I rather he goes around then sitting starring at the square box.

Everyone said bb has grown up so much. I think so too. He is like a big kor kor who knows how to make lil girl happy by playing with them. I was so amazed seeing how bb made Zoe laughed and giggled. He is very cheeky and behaved like a DAP now, which means, he does what I told him not to - like the pembangkang, the opposition. His hands are like Octopus, never stop grabbing and touching things. He even went crazy dancing in front of the restaurant Pub area, drawing giggles from pub goers.

I was busy snapping photos and asked one of daddy’s friends to snap for us. After the photos, I saw bb showed sour faced. Stretching his hands and hiding his face behind Sri, snuffle sniff. Ooppss! He was unhappy because we left him out. He wants to take photos with us too. I am so sorry darling!

This morning, MIL was relating telling bb how he made Alicia angry by not sharing toys and now Alicia went home already. Take a guess what bb told grandma?

“ Telephone Alicia, Bb will share toys.”


Monday, May 22, 2006

My 30th months

Mommy was busy with her work nowadays and she has little time to blog about me. I think she is feeling a little guilty too for having table lamp still on after I slept to do her beading. Sometimes I made noise but most of the time I sleep well. No matter how tired she is, she loves me dearly. I can feel it, she never fail bringing me warm water when I toss around demanding for water.

Ye-Ye Pat and Uncle Tony came back from Australia 2 weeks ago with my cousin Alicia who is 15 months old. I met her for the first time; she is such a HOT babe! She has rosy cheeks and a very sweet and friendly smile. I adore her so much. I share with her all my toys and showed her how to play with them. I was very generous with all my toys at first but later I found out that she is so lousy at playing them. She messed up all my stuffs and I was very mean, I pushed her away and told her that it was mine and not hers. Everybody started playing with her and grandma carried her. I would not let anybody take my grandma away. I also wanted grandma to carry if I see HER being carried. She likes to scream during dinner, I have stopped doing that long time ago.

I remembered Alicia likes putting her head on her mother’s breast and bite bite them. I tried biting mommy last night on her breast too, but mommy scolded me. Therefore, I guess unlike Ye-Ye pat, mommy dislike me doing it. Anyhow, I still enjoy seeing Alicia. Before she went home to Australia, the home of Kangaroo, she had fever; I kissed and patted her back to show her I care. I definitely like to see her again in the future.

Mommy complaint about me sometimes, she said I have itchy hands, it constantly moving and touching things. She warned me not to touch her things. I just like touching them, all her stuffs on the table looks so tempting. I would like to pour all of them out and make a castle out of those shinny things. I want to do almost anything by myself. I just love being involved. I like to open the milk powder’s cover, hand over the scope to mommy and have her ask me where the cover is. I will say “here” and hand it to her. She likes to praise me “good boy, clever boy”. I feel so gooooooood. I have developed a habit of locking doors. I even reminded daddy to lock the car doors if he forgets. However, sometimes mommy got mad with me if I lock myself up and refuse to unlock.

I am not sure why I just dislike eating. I can see that mommy is trying her best to cook for me. I only take a teeny tiny bit. It got her worried sometimes. She never force me, she always have a short conversation with kakak to see if I behaved, eat well and sleep well during the day in grandma’s house. I know she loves me. I know she is worried about my weight too. I weighed myself yesterday, mommy said I am a “skinny miny mini mouse”, that means, I am very skinny.

I like watching playhouse during daytime and playing chasing with kakak. She kept me entertained when grandma is sleeping and mommy, daddy is in the office. I was a little emotional before mommy left for work this morning. Sometimes I wish she were with me 24x7. Nevertheless, after a while I am very fine playing on my own.

Oh ya, forgot to mention about daddy ya. He is COOL too. He bath me nowadays, letting me spray the shower water to his entire face and open his mouth to let me spray too. Haha! It was so much fun. He brought me to swim swim and bought my favorite doughnut for me to munch. He also brought me to see Gymbo when mommy wasn’t around yesterday. He took me to different places for food and excursion too.

That’s me at 30th month.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Petroleum Discovery...

Since it was a long weekend we have nothing much to do at home, we decided to take a drive down town and bring bb along for some discovery in the Petrosains Discovery Center, KLCC. We just wanted to kill some time, Hah! So did not really expect much from that tour. However, uh…an Indian men approached us in the center telling us there is a special family package and what caught my attention was mother and son have FREE entrance, it was an offer in conjunction with Mother’s Day. It was about 3:30pm by the time we reached there. We purchased a family ticket at RM24 for four of us – Daddy, Mommy, Bb and Sri.

We were ushered to a waiting area where there was water sculpture and huge Koi fishes for the “Dark Ride” to start the journey. It was a cup look alike ultra slow roller coaster. It brought us to discover the world of petroleum. Bb seemed to enjoy it very much. Then it stopped at the Energy Station. I like one of that energy tubes in there. When you put your palm on the tube, it creates those new age WITCH looking pink thunder lights, COOL!!! POWER!!! We hang around there for a while before moving to the Cartoon village, Giotime Dioroma (Home of the Huge Dinosaur) for further discovery of "petroleum?". Seeing a real size Dinosaur for the first time, bb got a little frightening, he told me “scared”. I explained to him that it was manmade, there isn’t anymore of the real Dino in this world and added Daddy can make that Dino…haha!!!

We moved on to the Galeria for more Sains toys. Bb and daddy tried on an elephant trunk at far ends to communicate and understand where our telephone evolved. Later we boarded the Helicopter Simulator for an oil platform. Bb was not allowed as he was under five-yr-old. However, daddy managed to get him to join me in the helicopter ride later when he cried furiously looking for me and those “abang” there made him an exception. Although the helicopter shake quite a fair bit, I think bb enjoyed it. I asked him, was it nice? He replied with a smile “Yes”.

It was a couple of stopped by at other discoveries before exiting the tour. Bb insisted to wait for the “Dark ride” out; we had to queue for it, luckily, it was only a while before we hopped in the dark ride.

Bb was very exhausted after so many stimulating stuffs in there. We had a quick dinner before heading home.

It was a cheap $$ tour I guess if you ask for my comments. Haha! Overall, a great place to spend some time with kids.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Wesak Day Celebration

We woke up slightly early last Friday. After getting ready, daddy drove us to the Kuan Yin temple in Jalan Bukit Bintang for prayer. It was already filled with people when we arrived for the 11am prayers.

Flowers and lights in oil were seen everywhere. Daddy and myself are half pass six in this, we just followed our usual routine to pray and then we were guided to bath the Buddha before joining the rest for some chanting. We were given 2 packets of flower water to take home for shower. It’s believed to wash away the bad luck and hence new beginnings will flourish. In short, we were there to celebrate the birth of Buddha.

After the prayers, we had vegetarian “Ba Kut Teh” in the temple. Bb shared some of our food before going out for his further exploration of the surroundings.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Any ideas for plan 2?

Pediasure has been part of bb’s catching up milk since he was 1 year old. I thought of changing it to other brands, as IT has gotten more and more costly. I stopped by at one of those Chinese medicine shops in Old Klang road, they have better price in comparison to big hypermarket. I took a serious look around for OTHER brands, so many varieties, all claimed to have the best nutritional values. Eventually, I bought a Pediasure and one Dumex Mamil Gold step 3.

Before bedtime, I made him Dumex milk, handed the bottle to him and watched him quietly. He put the nipple in his mouth, sucked once, pulled it out, stick out his tongue while staring at the milk and shook his head with a “Dun Wan”, pushed the bottle back to me.

UH OH! die liao, he can tell the difference. What do I do with the big tin of Dumex? Scratched head, “Ting ting” an idea came across, I can coax him to drink. I pretended to cry like him and mumbled while crying..”Mommy make milk milk to bb, bb doesn’t want, mommy sad, urrrrrrrrrrrr……..”. He actually came to me and said some consoling words with stern expression, which meant “mommy you stop crying first, I drink”. That is how I talk to him when he cries, now he is doing it back to me.

He sucked 2 times, pushed it back to me again. I pretended again, and he obliged too, sucked additional 2 times. After that, he refused anymore. I think he must also have noticed the Dumex tin on the table, he shouted “Dolphine” while pointed to the tin. Yes, there is a Dolphine pic outside the tin. Arrgh…I should have bought a smaller tin, but there were none. Sobbed in my heart, now what do I do with the Dumex? Gosh! Plan 1 has failed terribly! Any ideas for plan 2?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lunch Stroll Surprise

Just went out for a vegetarian lunch in uptown with two colleagues, set lunch for RM5. As usual, grabbed the “Seremban Siew Pao” near by after lunch and strolled to a bookshop, some fashion boutiques. Saw this bright green boutique has offer of RM30 Yoga Pants, checked it out, quite nice but I didn’t buy as I already have two with me. Later I bought 2 of those transparent bra straps to match with some sexy outfit whereby when worn, bra strap would not be seen so obviously. Don’t really like to wear bra without strap, it’s a little uncomfortable and sometimes shirt or top will be suck into the bra making it look so funny. I think fuller bust people won’t have this problem.

Upon checked out, cashier girl asked:

“Are you married?” (I thought she should ask: do you have kids?)

With a suspicious look, I replied “Yes, Why?”

“This is for you, Happy mother’s day!”

Me very delighted, a Rm16.90 mother’s day gift for spending only Rm2. Kekeke….smile until cannot see my eyeball already.

Now, what shall I do with this mo mo COW looking scarf? Tie it as a headscarf, over my wrist, my neck??? I have no idea! It is not really my style. Most slightly, it will end up being a tablecloth. What a waste! Nonetheless, it is still very nice to receive a mother’s Day gift for the first time.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday Fun


After bb’s Gymboree class, we drove straight back home to pick daddy up and headed to Kidzsport in One Utama. It was about 12 noon, peak hour, we were lucky to get a parking space. Upon reaching Kidsport, seen Twinsmom, Zara's mama, Egghead outside the pool area with their lovely kids. Twinsmom greeted us and some of us had a short chat in the resting area.

Yes, what a coincidence, Twinsmom, Twinsdad and me were classmate in college. Hah! I guess I was the not so sharp type that they could not recall whom I was or rather I have changed to become prettier…kekeke. Anyhow, we had great fun chit chatting together. Shiaulin and Sue were there too. Bb was so busy playing and didn’t even border to say “Hi” but he managed to steal a goodbye kiss from Zara later.

After Kidzsport, we went for lunch and stopped by at Toys R Us, did some groceries shopping in Jusco. Bb was so tired; he slept in my arms on a bench outside Jusco while daddy grabbed all needed items.

Later, daddy played bubble gun with bb at our backyard. He help set up a hut daddy bought from Toy r us for him as well. He LOVES it and invited us in for a seat.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The lovey dovey side of bb

Before sleep, bb called daddy to come up and play parachutes with him. He knows he needs daddy and me to hold both side of the blanket for him. He called nicely and usually after two rounds of song singing, lifting blanket up and down, we would cover him with the blanket and let him find his way out. He loves doing this and often one could hear his high pitch scream outside our bedroom. “Last one” with index finger up is his gesture for one last round.

After story time, lights off leaving only a very dim lamp and daddy teased and tickled bb. He decided to act naughty; he tickled and played rough with me when bb was right beside us. I have tickling bones everywhere, I screamed, kicked and shouted aloud.

Out of a sudden bb cry out loudly, snuffle sniff! Oh… I quickly consoled him and later asked him why he cried. To my surprise, this is what he reply:

“Papa beat mommy, bb cry, mommy Sayang” He loves me dearly, cry for help! I told him, papa played with mommy not beat beat, only playing. Gosh!


The other day

Took her to the dentist, bb peeked inside to see what happened. Saw kakak in pain. Later maid came out, bb uttered gently:

“kakak, are you okay? Open mouth, let me see, kakak pain pain".


Hubby scolded maid for something she did wrong.

Later in the afternoon,

“Sorry kakak, papa scold scold”.


This morning,

Why bb naughty? Mommy beat beat “ka chui” (Hainannese, buttocks)

Bb replied: NO, for hmm hmm…! (It’s for poo poo not for beating)


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Weekend. Food.

We didn’t do much this long weekend. Just stay home and rest, eat, and play. We went home to see mom in P.Klang, I made her two bracelets for mother’s day. She was very happy. Bb had great time with his cousins after such long time. He even said he doesn’t want to go home. *shake head*.

Later we stopped by at this “Ba-Kut-Teh” near the old Rex cinema in Port Klang. It was okay la to me but hubby loves this particular shop. The owner’s name is “Ah Chai”. His shop does not have a signboard, Hah! So no name. What is special about his Ba-Kut-Teh is he has added dry fried sotong (calamari) inside the soup; it makes the soup smell and taste good. However, I think he has added a wee bit too much of Ajinomoto. Bb was there with us for the first time. Usually we leave him with mom but this time round, he wanted to come along. I grabbed some “Kaya Kok” beside the Ba-Kut-Teh shop. Just love it; the skin is so crispy and fragrant. Bb had a few bites too during teatime with me at home.

For dinner, I cooked some Spaghetti in Olive Oil, garlic and dry chilies at home. Daddy loves it but he cannot really take spicy, so I have to reduce the chilies portion.

For recipe click here

Meanwhile bb had his porridge I cooked earlier for him. Later, hubby and me played parachutes (Flipping the blanket up and down and let him catch) and read two of his favourite books before urging him to sleep. He had been a good boy.

Ba-Kut-Teh above taken with my hand phone. Spaghetti taken with digital camera. Huge difference...