Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ah Tan

Scene 1:
Mommy: BB, do u want to eat Rambutan?
BB: Ah tan, Ah tan.
Mommy: Not, ah tan, Rambutan.

If my friend whose name is ah tan hear this, he is sure gonna be so happy. Hahahaha!

Scene 2:
On the way home from MIL house last evening.

BB: Mommy, TOL….*point point to the Kerinchi TOL*

Mommy: Yes, TOL, mommy has to pay TOL before using the road you know.

Mommy: After paying TOL….Tu Tu…

BB: …TOL….TOL…*point to my Touch n go card*

Mommy: ok, just play awhile only, mommy need to pay the second TOL

BB took the card, sitting on his car seat and swiped the touch n go card to his left and made the tu tu sound. He shouted “TOL mommy TOL”

Whao, BB so clever ah, know how to pay tol already. *Smile smile*

Scene 3:
FIL was driving, out of a sudden; BB got so overly excited and ordered his grandpa “Gong Gong, Stop car, park park”. Apparently, there was a children playground, he wanted to go and play.

Little BB is growing up more and more each day.

Monday, November 28, 2005

He threw tantrum

The weather these days reminded me of winter time in foreign land. It’s a little cold and depress in the morning but after a steamy hot shower, everything seems fine. It washes away the dead cells; rejuvenating the flaky dry skin with moisturizing crème, bringing back pleasant appearance to life. It's easy to deal with lousy appearance but...

Dealing with BB’s tantrum, what can I do to make him stop tumbling his feet and crying demandingly? I wonder was I like that when I was little? BB will cry for things he wants if we refuse to give him. I think he has tumbled his feet 5 times in total, turning in circle 2 times, sticking his face on a glass drawer 1 time, crying furiously 7 times, laying on the floor slamming his palm 2 times. He was definitely testing our patience. If we give in, he will be ok in minutes wiping his tears away on our shirt and continued playing with what he has achieved. There were this instant, he was perfectly ok eating his fish stripe snack but the moment he saw me, he quickly threw out the entire fish stripe from the packet to the carpet and couch. “BB, don’t do that, STOP”. Beat, Beat beat his backside 3 times. He pretended to cry to protest; he gave me a cheeky stare.

GOSH!!! What can I do??? Tired and worn out. *BB, mommy is going to make you pay for my agony when you grow up *

Friday, November 25, 2005

4th Wedding Anniversary

My beloved husband
Your soul met mine
My soul touched yours
Oh, 4 years have passed

We have grown
To respect
To understand
To trust

Being a woman behind a successful man
is still what I promised and wanted to do

On this special day
I pray our love on earth
grow stronger each day

Never ending morning kisses
Never ending passion
Never ending wisdom
Never ending Love

Just want to say I love you
Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary

Thursday, November 24, 2005

BB's vocabulary

Photo taken this morning. The cheeky boy stole mommy's breakfast. Hey,my carrot...

BB is chattier now, just realized that he picked up words quite fast and tries to make more conversations with us. He knows how to whisper to me too.

These are some vocabulary that BB has picked up and able to converse:

Gong Gong (grandpa)
Po po (grandma)
Bye bye
Nite nite
Milk milk
Wa –ur (water)
Car car
C u
Thank u
Walk walk
Park park
On, off
Open, close
Up, dowm
Bar-ni (Barney)
Tubbies (Teletubbies)
Koko (elder brother)
De de (younger brother)
Jie jie (elder sis)
Mei mei (younger sis)
Pom pom (bath)
Hot hot
Duck duck
Bao bao (carry-mandarin)
Ooi ooi (sleep)
Bla- ur (Blanket)
Tiger (usually accompany with a roar)
Peter and Jane
Bar-I (barley water)
Cheng cheng (Pray)
Dog dog
Mear mear (Bear bear)
Yes, No, sure

I-ren (Ivan-his name)

He is trying to join words together like mommy’s car, papa’s car, and mommy please, papa please; he also likes to call me Ma mi mi mi...hehe.The development of BB who is 2 yrs and 6 days old.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BB is on Training

We had a great day out with BB after his first birthday. Bought him a new motorbike with his ang pow’s money and keep the rest in the bank. He was quite worn out after all those walking and shopping.

The motobike is a bit heavy so we let him drive from the toy shop to the car park, he attracted lots of curious eyes. Mommy "pai sei" la.

He is on NO diaper training during day time. Progress pretty well. Whenever he wants to pee, he will call for “she…she…” after peeing he would spray it away with the metal hose. (what's the word???)

Helping out house whole chores after makan. Wipe, wipe, wipe!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cheer up baby!

My husband told me this morning, he is extremely “soi- bad luck” now. These two days nothing seems to be smooth sailing. Firstly, the water filter burst and he was trying to save some bucks to have it fixed himself instead of calling a plumber. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for him, worst still he had to spend more. Secondly, he was misunderstood by his client and had a bad day. Thirdly, his fax just busted as well. Fourthly, there was a black crow giving hoarse cry outside our house this morning.

Well, I would like to think that it’s ups and downs in life; it’s wear and tear. There is this Chinese saying , when one is being clouded by bad luck till it reaches its threshold, it will turn to be auspicious good luck. Well, I think you are at the lowest part waiting to bounce up high in this coming New Year. Cheer up darling!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to BB

We celebrated BB’s 2nd birthday on the 18th of November. Everybody reached home around 7pm. I was the first to reach home, followed by FIL, SIL, hubby and BIL. BB has been changed to a new set of cloth bought by his grandmother. He was extraordinary happy somehow knowing that it was his special day. In the morning, MIL let him practiced blowing candle. I guess he has been anticipating for the special moment.

Over the phone, hubby asked me what I bought for BB. I told him to come back and check it out himself. Upon reaching home, MIL asked me if we needed “Hong Kai Tan – red egg” for the birthday boy. I think we need, after all it’s only once a year and it’s a Chinese tradition to have red egg and “min xin- longevity noodle” for abundance, good luck and longevity. MIL thought it’s quite messy to dye the whole egg; she came up with a creative idea- that is to paint the egg like Humpty Dumpty. Each one of us painted the egg, they all looked different and then BB is asked to choose one for himself to savor his birthday red egg.

Hehe...funny humpty dumpty from all of us to BB. He has choosen the sleeping beauty that mommy drew. :) A real Mommy's boy!

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to BB, Happy Birthday to you” While we sang the song, he stood still with his eye open big big and looked very surprise and overwhelming but absorbed the greatest moment gracefully. MIL taught him to shut both eyes and make a wish before blowing the candles. BB shut his eyes tight as though he really was making a wish. How cute! He then cut cake, he feed everyone a “knife-full of cake”- he feed us cake with cake knife, eeuuuuuu….NO BB, unhygienic!

His favourite Elmo birthday cake.

BB’s grandmother and grandfather, SIL, BIL and SIL from Melbourne gave him big ang paos. BB trying his hand on a new drum set from Mommy.

Papa bought BB a 12 weeks programme from Gymboree.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chou tofu

Stinky tofu or Chou tofu is a fermented tofu dish which has a very strong odor. It smells like stinky drain. No joke. I have always wondered how it tastes like when I was dating walking with hubby in Steven’s corner pasar malam. From the car park we could already smelt it. It was so smelly, like rubbish water. We have to pinch nose while passing thru the stall.

I am more adventurous than hubby. I wanted to try. But he said if I want to eat, I go home myself. Sad, never have the chance to try. Yesterday, after visiting mom, sis and I went to see a master coz sis wants to get “fu- yellow or green paper with some holy words for protection” for her new semi-d house. I followed. I waited for her and I also asked about my son’s sleepless night. I’ll blog about this next time.

After the session, we went to a near by pasar malam. We bought some tofu fa, fried carrot cake, fried la-la and stinky tofu for dinner. I hope people won’t mistaken our car as a rubbish collector’s car.

Arrival home, brother, father, SIL commented, what’s that smell?

Errr…Chou tofu. Try la. Father smelt it and jumped up, he said NO WAY! Haha…but brother tried it.

It was packed 4 pieces in a box. Looks like fried tofu, served with a chili sauce and very sour Kimchi. Eeeeeeuuu…taste a little tofu and a little drain-y but the kimchi sort of rebalance the smell and taste. After makan, the mouth still smelt like that, yuck! I had to brush my teeth to get rid of the smell.

It was not all that nice but don’t mind trying a nicer one. Perhaps, the one we bought wasn't nice enough. I am still open for trying.

Mom's in hospital

While working in the office yesterday morning, I received a call from sis telling me mom has been admitted to the Hospital. So I took a half day leave and drove down to Klang. She has suffered chest pain for the past few months. Only last week, she has decided to have a thorough check up. I met up with my elder sis at home and she drove me to the hospital. We chatted with mom and kept her company while waiting for the surgeon and approval of her insurance.

Unfortunately, the insurance has been decline as they needed time to investigate the claim. So we call dad and we decided to pay on our own account first and hopefully claim them back later. Nurse came in to tell us that we have to pay RM 20,000 for the surgery. Whao! What surgery is this? She explained everything while brother stepped in the room. Brother called the agent, his friend to ask for assistance in the case.

Doctor came in to check on mom and we had confirmed with him we will proceed with the surgery first. Mom was instructed to change into a blue rope without any bra or underwear. Sis and I help to tie those strings to little butterfly knots behind the robe. A nurse then came in to inject mum with a very thick needle.

“Tahan ah…sangat sakit one”. I kept my eyes shut but peeping thru holes between my fingers to check on mom. Scary!

She was then pushed on a bed to the 3rd floor for the surgery. We all accompanied her up. I think she was afraid but we cracked jokes to calm her down. I patted her and told we will support her outside here.

We waited for one and a half hours, doctor came and ushered us to the office of the surgical room and showed us the diagrams or screens of mom’s lungs, arteries blockage. It was a minor blockage about 20%, not severe; there is no need for a “Balloon”. Medication should be sufficient at this stage to control. Phew! Relief!

So Mom has to watch her diet, less oil, no salt, she has high blood pressure as well. It shoots up high before the Angiography and Angiogram (an X-ray examination of the blood vessels of the heart, it will reveal the shape of the artery, and can help to diagnose blockage or narrowing). She was afraid I guess. Of coz, I would be afraid too.

She was brought back to her room while we settled the bill. Eventually we only paid 5K. Let’s hope the insurance part is ok soonest possible. She will be discharged from the hospital today. Just spoke to her, she sounded tired. Rest well mom! We will be here to support you. Mom is 58 this year. She is a very jovial lady. She likes to smile. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mommy, scared!

A week ago, bb fondled around with his father’s DVD in the studies and got hold of Monster Inc. He asked for my permission to watch it. I let him have the CD thinking he won’t have to patience to watch it.

But I was wrong, he played the DVD almost everyday interchanging with his other favorite CD’s like Sesame Street, Barney, Pingu, Bob the builder and other nursery rhymes. He would watch them quietly on the living room's couch. *The scene where monster roaring at a scared little boy*

This morning before I came to work, he rushed to me and wanted me to hug him. He said,” Mommy, scared”.

“Scared of what?” I puzzled.

He pointed at the TV which was playing Monster Inc.

“Oh… no need to scared, mommy will protect you, be a brave boy” I told him. wonder, he had bad dreams and can’t sleep well nowadays. Could it be the Monster Inc? *Thinking hard*

Friday, November 11, 2005

Raya makan-makan

OMG! I have been eating non-stop at least 3 rounds. I am feeling a bit jelak already. My colleagues put up a Raya makan-makan party in the office today. I have chow down 8 roti jala (oh so yummy! Thin & soft), curry chicken, sambal sotong, sambal kacang, lemang, kuih Raya…etc.

Arrr…my pants is tight. I have to suck in my tummy while walking. It’s a taboo to mention ”FAT”, “LEMAK”, “FULL” today according to Fiz. Oh… got to stop eating em. There goes my colleagues again, “Hey makan makan, mesti ada space lagi”.

Phew! Allyfeel has already eaten up one full pack of FLOUR. I’ve got to do more rounds of my sun salutation tonight.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lousy night

I had a lousy night yesterday. B was very cranky and demanded to sleep on my chest. He threw tantrum a few times at night resulting me having panda eyes and came to work late this morning.

He hardly behave like this. Usually when he starts kicking and making noises during sleep, he probably wanted water. I will add some hot water to his bottle and feed towards his mouth; he will suck and suck with his eyes close.

I always tell him, “When u want water just tell mummy water, usually he will say minum”, He nodded. But he seems to forget everything when he goes to sleep. He gets cross very easily during night time. He has no problem conveying his message at all during day time. It’s night time that is driving me crazy. Wonder, does this happen to other 2 yr-old toddlers? *Zombie, cannot tahan liao*

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lesson 5-8, Beads work

Pictures of my beads work creation.

My Best Friend's Wedding

I had attended my best friend’s wedding on Saturday, the 3rd day of Raya celebration. H and I reached Cher’s house at 8:45am. We hanged out for a while discussing games to play when the groom arrived. Jean arranged for me to wash the lettuce; yan, lin, shirl to prepare for the sour (lime and vinegar), sweet (something sweet), bitter (lotus seed) and spicy (crushed chili padi) drink. Jean herself hanged the lettuce and empty ang pao to the ceiling right in front of the main gate. We then put on the same lipstick and stamp our lip marks on a sheet of A4 paper for the groom to guess. If he didn’t get it right, he could either bribe us with ang pao or sing aloud to his wife before meeting her.

9:30 sharp, the groom arrived with loud honk and his big group of “heng tai”. Everyone got excited; we quickly rushed to guard the main gate to prevent them from entering the house. We negotiated for ang paos. Without much hesitation the groom handed over 30 ang paos for us “zhi mui”. The heng tai then were requested to have a lion dance with a mini lion head, mini cymbals, and mini drum. Hahaha, one of the heng tai took up the challenge and started dancing with the lion head that can’t even fit in his head properly. He raised his leg, dance to the left, to the right, and whao 2 more “heng tai” lifted him to reach the lettuce and ang pao. He torn the lettuce and grabbed the ang pao and ribbed open it thinking there was money inside. Cheh…no money one…It was really fun, I laughed until all my tears gushed out.

We then proceeded with 4 taste drink, lip marks guessing, oh the groom got it wrong, and we had more ang paos. He sang “Only You” with background music by his heng tai.

After tea ceremony, we drove to the groom’s house for lunch and tea ceremony as well. Most of us were in Cheong Sam. I was so lucky that I can still fit into one. There is another one to go next month. After this year, I believe, there will be no more wedding but lots of full moon parties to attend.

We attended her dinner in Cyberjaya. It was a very sweet and memorable one. I’ve met some friends whom I have not seen for more than 10 years. Most are parents with young kids. The food was great too. Two of my joker friends chewed the ginseng which came with the prawn dish and soaked them in hard liquor to drink. Walio eh…

This joker father actually swore in front of his toddler resulting him saying “KAN NIN NE” (Hokkien) very accurately, according to the mother. He should be smacked for influencing his son. Slap, slap, slap!

It was a fun night. I left bb with MIL because if he were to follow I could never enjoy it the way I enjoyed. He has becoming very clingy again during this holiday. It has become so bad that he wouldn’t allow anyone to carry him except me. So I have to eat with him sitting on top of my lap. Can you imagine how inconvenient it can be? My hubby has to feed me at times and this is no good. Others had said I have a demanding and difficult son and I should allow him to mix with others more. Now is this my fault? Gosh, why can’t this people just deal with their own business and stop bordering me. I already know and it’s not easy, I believe every parent goes through this stage. No need to compare to make me feel worse. Just cannot tahan sometimes. I hope bb can be more independent in the year ahead.