Monday, October 31, 2005

Cosmo's theme park

Sunday had been a fun day for bb and me. Hubby brought us to Time Square’s indoor Cosmo's theme park. According to Guinness Book of Record, it’s the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia. It was huge and there were crowds gathered around to see people in the roller coaster screaming wildly. It was an energetic surroundings with many stalls selling food, idol posters, hand wax craft service, bags, toys and…etc

Bb was excited looking at the spectacular scenes but holding on tight to me and patted his chest once in a while to indicate he was scared. We went one floor up to Kids zone. Hubby paid RM75 for admittance. Bb is FREE as he is still under 3 years old.

We put on a tag and walked into the entrance. Whao! Very nice! Bb opened his eyes big big. It’s so colorful. It looked like a small little sweet town that filled with busses, train, ship, playground, cars, insects, flowers, large fruits, vegetables, grass, aliens and little people. We hopped right into the merry go round. We didn’t choose those flying bees, horses, and chickens, as bb was not quite use to the new environment yet. So we all sat inside a turning teacup. We went merry go round and round for many rounds. Luckily we never experience pening kepala.

Then we proceeded to travel the entire town by train. We went thru two dark tunnels; one with glowing fishes above the ceiling and on both sides of the wall, the other with loads of spider webs. BB was amazed with his glowing blouse button as well. Bb was behaving extremely quiet.

So I ask: “bb, do you want to ride that flying Bee?" Bb patted his chest again, scared.

Hubby said: “How come you are so scared-y cat one?”

Mommy said: “He definitely didn’t get it from me, I did bungee jump before. It must be from you la papa, scared-y cat…”

Hubby: “Your head la”

Mommy: “My head is here…hehehehe”

Hearing the statement, bb pointed to his head, hahahaha.

“Oh clever boy, that’s your head,” I said.

"Can mommy ride that crazy bus with you bb?"

Bb, “CAN”…

I persuaded him to ride the crazy bus, and sang to him to make him feel better “the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…”

Then, we played for a while in the kidz playground. We stopped over at the pirate ship and bumper car, unfortunately bb is too young to play. After that, we went over to the flying bees. He refused to sit at first but after much sweet talk, we finally settled in one cute Bee with headlights and long eyelashes. I pushed the button up to make the bee fly high above while bb looked on with big and unblinking eyes. Hubby took photos of us outside the fence.

We then rushed to take a photo with alien mascot. Snap, snap, snap with alien signing I love you on his fingers. Bb shook hand with uncle alien.

It was about 5:20pm before we left the park. Bb boy was very exhausted. While we were in the car park, he opened a car door of others thinking that was his father’s car.

“B, why r u so blur blur one?”

Once he was in his car seat, he had his milk and fell straight to his dreamland.

What an exciting day!

Friday, October 28, 2005

A day of bb's life

Bb was very active as usual at MIL house. But yesterday he fell in front of the main gate when trying to answer the maid’s called from the neighbor. It caused him to have deep red scratch on his elbow and knee. It looks like 3 lines of cat’s claw scratch. But the brave boy didn’t cry. He continued playing as usual. By the time I saw him, it was in the evening. It has formed a thin layer of dry and deep red skin. The maid said sorry to me as it was her duty to look after him even MIL is around. I said ok, just be more careful next time. Well, I think its part of growing up for kids to have such accident. I didn’t make a fuss out of it la.

He was as happy as usual despite having those red marks on his hands and knee. He kicked balls, tossed it to the goal basket, running around, playing with my hand phone watching his favorite movie which I captured for him when we went out sometime. He loves looking at them everyday. I think he is a bit vain, he loves looking at his own photos and himself in the mirror. Perhaps he is proud of his own appearance.

After dinner, he will automatically help his kakah to fold his mattress which was in the hall and put them away to the guest room. Then, proceeded to kiss and hug both MIL and FIL and his favorite yeye (SIL). After all the good night gestures, he picked up his security blanket, his favorite baby doll and headed home with me in my car. He had a phobia earlier when I left him alone in his father’s car. The maid was putting on some cloths at the back of the car while the thunder and lightning strike. He was frighten and cried so hard. From that day onwards, he refuses to sit in the father’s car unless I am in. I guess he needs some time to grow out of that fear.

When we reach home, usually he would have fallen asleep but not yesterday. When I put him in the bed and slept with him, he wants to play naming game. He pointed his finger to my nose and I said nose. And I pointed back to his mouth; he said mouth while sucking his water. He is able to mumble with his tongue underneath the bottle’s nipple. It’s quite cute one when he talked like that. Don’t know how we play and play tickling, I tricked him by pretending to sleep then tickle him again, he laughed non stop. I know I shouldn’t have done that but it was fun. I did it again. This time the little fellow tried to revenge, he tricked me back by scratching my forehead with his right hand while pretending to rest flat.

“Ouch! don’t scratch mommy, it’s painful one you know”. I don’t think he knows, after a while he did it again, this time he scratched my nose bridge near to my left eye. “Oucchhh!!!!” I jumped up from the bed. “doink” It was really hurtful, I touched it with my index finger and I saw blood stain. Shit! It was really red and painful. I got so angry and hit his palm to warn him. He laughed. Oh boy, the fire was burning inside me. I smacked his backside real hard until he burst out crying in pain. Hubby came in to see what happened. I asked to take him away. I had an embossed 8mm long scratch and another 5mm maroon red patch beside my nose bridge. Die liao, I have turned from a pretty mommy to a pirate mommy whom has scar- like face.

The poor boy cried non stop and still wanted me to carry him. He knew he has made a huge mistake and I was very angry. I refused to carry him until hubby told him, “BB say sorry to mommy”. He was very quiet with tears all over his face. I said, “you said sorry first then mommy sayang you” He kept quiet again. Ok you follow mommy say “sooooory”, he said it eventually. I kissed, hugged him tight and told him not to repeat the action again. After a while, he fell asleep on my chest.

Oh poor boy! He is so tiny yet need to learn so many growing up things. Kesian boy, what a day for him. I stroked his hair and face many times after he slept, guilty of what I did.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The yoga baby

Bb is very flexible with his body, when he throws tantrum, he can bend his back like how yoga expert bend them. When he is angry, I always tease him, “uh..uh….u doing yoga ah, bb?” while holding his back and make his head touch the floor. Then he will mix laughing with crying, don’t know which is which. Hehe…

The other day when we visited the Sony fiesta in KLCC convention centre, bb saw an uncle demonstrating yoga moves, and he actually imitated lifting his leg with one hand in front of everyone. Kekekeke….very funny, bb made mommy laugh non stop.

Last night, I showed bb how to lift up one leg sitting down and moved my foot to touch my face. “Bb, try this, can you do it?” He didn’t try, instead he tried to instruct and pull my leg above to reach my shoulder. “Whao, you want to be mommy’s instructor ar bb?”

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Elephant family

Black, White and Red Flash card for letter E. © allyfeel.
For CPC, US.


When it comes to work, I have my own principles that rule my thinking. I want to understand say a product thoroughly and do as much extensive research as possible to stimulate myself before coming out with something really good or meaningful. My husband disagrees with me. He told me that, when you need to put up meals on the dinning table, you make do with what you have. In the competitions with time and resources, you have to be flexible. Whatever it is the client required, you always say yes you can do and then find solutions for it if you don’t have yet.

To be frank, even though I find it hard to work like that at first but on 2nd thought, what he said is quite true. It’s not easy, but I will still try my best to help in whichever way I can. Feeling a bit down today, like chewing papaya’s seed……yuck!… ptuuui!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Recycling activity

I was just wondering how many of us Malaysian housewives recycle products that we have used? Most of us will think, aiyooo…. so leceh la, no need to separate la, just throw in the rubbish bin will do. Initially I was like that too when my hubby told me that. He said the rubbish men will separate them one la. But my gut feeling told me that they won’t. So I started to separate them myself, first, those soft drink cans in one plastic bag, then used glass like chicken essence, milk powder tin, plastics in another. Unfortunately, I became slack as time pass by. Never border la…I thought.

But few months back, I got to know a recycle program put up by Tzu-Chi Malaysia. A member, kind lady explained to me that all recycled goods that they collected will be sold to contractors for recycling. The money will be used for charity.

Fuiyoh… not bad le, can protect the environment and do charity at the same time with some rubbish that I will throw away anyway, I thought. Then me and my mission started few months back. I kept all my aluminum cans, milk powder tin, glass, sauce bottles, plastics, paper boxes, detergent containers and etc…

After a few months, finally last Sunday, I drove to BP petrol station in SS2 PJ (they are just right beside BP petrol station facing the main road). I gave them all away to Tzu-Chi. It was a rainy morning, but members of Tzu-Chi dressed in blue T-shirt and white pants with their raincoat working diligently digging and separating rubbish that were drove to them. It was like a mini rubbish city. They had lorry and big bin to segregate them accordingly. I feel so good after doing this recycling activity. I would like to urge everyone to do the same too if I have a chance. Save the resources, recycle to reduce the volume of rubbish produced and make the vicinity a better place.

Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society Malaysia (KL centre) organize recycling activity every third Sunday of the month.
Time: From 8:00am to 11:00am.

Recyclable items:
Paper – All sorts of paper *you don’t get money selling it, it’s for charity *
Aluminium – Soft drink cans, etc…rinsing is advised
Metal/Iron – beverage cans, tins, etc…rinsing is advised
Glass – Jam bottles, sauce bottles etc…rinsing is advised
Reusable shoes, hand bags, luggage, belts, etc…
Clothing – Men’s, ladies’, children’s or infants’ garments, etc…
Plastic – Mineral bottle, Shampoo and detergent containers, etc… rinsing is advised

Non-acceptable items:
1.5l soft drink bottle, oil container
Kitchen utensils, plastic bag, Styrofoam
Toys, bags, briefs, curtain, stocking, sofa, rags, bed sheet
Electrical devices, light bulb, bulky items and etc…

If you are interested, please give them a call for the venue nearest to your home.
Tel: 03-78809048


BB's Response

MIL brought bb to the pharmacy to grab some meds.

Pharmacist: What’s your name?

BB: Bb…followed MIL uttering his name.

Pharmacist: What’s papa’s name?

BB: Papa….

Pharmacist: What’s mama’s name?

BB: Mama….

Hahahahaha!!! Very straight forward!

Playing point point.

Mama: This is Peter and this is Jane.

Bb: point to Peter…ummm….make noise wants me to tell

Mama: Peter

BB: point point 2 times…

Mama: Peter, Peter

BB: point, point, point, point, point……very fast

Mama: Have to cater la, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter

BB: Giggled…kekekeke…

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


It has been a very busy two weeks. First, loads of office work to complete and secondly I was helping my husband with some of his biz work after work, and thirdly, my pc was attacked by Trojan Vundo. That’s why I didn’t have time to blog and read blog.

As I was leaving to work today, I saw bb staring at me from the window waving bye bye and blowing flying kisses, I feel so sorry that I didn’t spend enough time with him lately. When I do get to see him at night, he has already fallen asleep. I only spend an hour with him this morning. It’s indeed very crazy and hectic schedule.

Everything is almost over now. A few more things to help and I would go back to my normal lepak routine. Feeling very zombie and had deeper double eyelids today as I had only slept for 4 hours. But I have discovered one thing after withdrawing from the design realm for a year; I can never work this wild and crazy anymore. I just lack the stamina as I age. I am glad I am no longer in this line but pity my hubby, he is still working very hard. I kesian him sometimes, I think I must show him more love and take care of him by making him nicer “po” soup.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Trojan Attack

I hate having viruses in the computer especially this one who is so stubborn and refuse to disappear from my PC. The ever clingy Trojan Vundo.

I have tried Fix Vundo, delete temporary internet files, tried disabling the XP System Restore, disabling the internet connection and run a complete scan but Norton anti virus still alert me with this irritating dialog box said Trojan Vundo, c:\windows\system32\awtss.dll, access to the file was denied, unable to repair. I have finally track it down but why does the alert box still show up? Puzzled!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

South Asia Quake Fund

Aiyoo..I feel so bad after seeing and reading photos of earthquake victims from Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. *teary eyes*. Tried to look for a way to send donation like how it used to be for Tsunami victims, this time The Star only have a direct debit account for donation through Maybank Account.

The Star has launched a South Asia Quake Fund to help the earthquake victims in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.You can contribute to the fund by sending your donations to
Maybank Account No. 5621-7950-4126

Photo source :TheStar

Monday, October 10, 2005

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Mr. Allyfeel woke me up at 12am this morning and gave me a birthday kiss. Rubbing my eyes, I said “Thank you darling”.

“Would you like to see the birthday card?” He said.

“Ok”, I gulped down a mouthful of water before going downstairs.

He has arranged for a silver wrapped present nicely seated on top of the coffee table.

“Wow, thanks darling”, I kissed and hugged him.

I opened the Birthday card and start reading it:

Especially for you Darling,
“Words can say so little when someone means so much.”

Opened inlay, Ooppss…an ang pao packet dropped out. I held the ang pao and continued reading…

Dearest Darling (my name),

It’s hard to tell you why I love you
Or why I’m so happy you’re in my life.
There are few words for feelings as warm,
as deep, as special as my feelings for you.

It’s hard to tell you how much
you mean to me, how much I treasure
the memories we’ve shared,
or how much I look forward to our future.
But I can tell you one thing
that matters most of all…
I love you, and I always will.

Happy (age) Birthday!

Love always,

Allyfell melted already. Felt very touched and bear hugged hubby again.

“Open la and see, not much la but for you only” hubby said.
I opened the ang pao and saw the contents and very very happy, I bet you can’t see my eyeballs. Hihihihi….

I proceeded to unwrapping the present, wow; it’s a bottle of BE DELICIOUS perfume from DKNY. A tube of lotion and a free duo color DKNY bag as well. Haha I sent him an image of that perfume few months back asking him to buy for me. Allyfeel was very delighted.

Hubby than said, darling come play “Hot and Cold” with me.

What is “Hot and Cold arr?” I asked.

“Ok, now you stand there, the neutral spot, now you move about la, I will say warm, warmer, cold or hot.”

“Allyfeel moved one step backward”

“Cold”, uttered hubby.

I then moved forward close to him, he said warmer, so I thought ok warmer, and I Iwent to sit on top of him, he said warmer also. Hmm…scratch head, what is this all about? Ok nvm, I walked towards the perfume and picked it up to kiss (so silly). Then, hubby said, it has got nothing to do with that. Ok, so I walked big big step behind the couch, ohh…he said warmer in high tone. I moved big step sideway, moved, moved….Ouch! I stumbled on something hard.

Surprise!!! There was another present wrapped in a messy candy shape with masking tape all over on the floor. What a charmer my darling. I shake the candy box? What is this? “Guess?” hubby urged.

“Hmm… pictionary?
“Ok, I will open.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH…..darling, you don’t have to do this…Allyfeel almost fainted.” It’s a Samsung 3G phone, SGH-Z500.

Now I feel so bad that I made him spend so much on me. But I promised him I will be a better wife and mother. Thank you for your love darling. Thank you for taking care of me and given me the best in my life. I love you very much not because you bought me present but because you are a wonderful hubby. I am the luckiest woman.

Some other gifts I have received from my best friends. Thanks for the thoughts girl.

Oh ya.. Krazie*Angel Thanks for the cute poem.

Here is a birthday wishes from her to me.

A Birthday Wish for Allyfeel

Dear Allyfeel,We have been working together and are friends for a long time. I wanna take this special day, your special day, to wish you the most wonderful birthday today and tomorrow and the next day and the next month and the next year and many many years to come. I also wanna thank you for your friendship all these while. It has been a pleasure to have a friend like you. Here is a cute poem for especially for you, Allyfeel.

Happy -0th Birthday
Happy Birthday, my dear friend
That zero on the end
Means nought to me
O, share your sunniest smiling face
And let me circle you around with my embrace.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Fun drive

BB often asks to drive hubby and my car whenever we come home from work. He will turn the steering, (that means mama and papa need to spend more money on alignment..:() push the gear, on the radio, on the lights, swish the wiper, open and close the car door and go on and on making noises. That’s his routine play everyday. If he doesn’t get it or if he has been promised and didn’t get it, he will be very mad.

Last evening, I have got him a remote control toy car. Exchanged it with “Co***ay” voucher for FREE. He was very happy as it’s his favorite red car. He was enthusiastic enough to help me to obtain some batteries and slot it in the battery compartment.

Swoooosh…when the car started moving, he was over excited, screaming and laughing so loudly until the neighbors also can hear. He ran crazily away from the car. It seems geli to him that the car will move and turn by itself. (The remote control ma bb…) He doesn’t dare to touch it when it's moving. He ran and climbed wildly towards grand ma. After all fun giggled and chuckled, he laid flat on the marble floor.

Hey, what are you doing there? I asked.

He smiled broadly.

I think he was resting after a fun drive.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Today is the second day of bulan puasa, there are some Melayu songs playing in the background. My colleagues were all very semangat and don’t look tired at all. I am the one that look so sleepy and lethargic pula. I feel so embarrassed la, got to grab a cup of coffee. Woi pal, I think it’s the song that made me so dopey le.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baby biscuits - dare to eat?

I have received these images from a colleague of mine. These little babies' biscuits are too cutie cute to be eaten. Gosh!!! They look so real too.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Busy weekend

It has been a very busy week for me. First my father-in-law’s RM800 went missing within 2 weeks, my maid and my mum-in-law’s maid were suspected being the culprits. MIL told me to check on her belongings back home on Saturday. So hubby and I have to pakat a bit la; we all went out together and hubby brought bb and maid to the kidz gym while I drove the car back home to start my investigations. I put on my shower cab, glove, I am very serious and pro one. Why shower cab? Coz I don’t want my hair to drop inside the room. *hehe*. I checked every single corner, drawers, under the bed, pockets…etc. Other then a panty liner, pencil and eraser which was mine, there was nothing much…oh ya and a pile of letters from don’t know who.

While I was searching, I was telling myself that I hope I can’t find anything. I like this maid of mine after changing the last two but you may not know what they will do to your family. Before she starts hurting us, I must take action. My MIL told me that nowadays maid steal money and burry them in the garden also. Sigh, they have never stopped all this tricks. I remember my MIL’s ex maid had 2 hand phones and they sms each other everyday. It’s really hard to control. Now that she has a Cambodian maid, she looks pleasant and innocent but you will never know; my MIL found 20 one ringgit coins in her pants.

Secondly, I have to tidy up all messy things in my study room. Hubby already sounded me. I can’t recall since when I became so messy, can’t stand it myself too. Every time I wanted to tidy up, bb will call or I will have something to attend to. I used to be a clean freak that liked to arrange books in straight line on the book shelf, like things to look tidy, clean and nice and I was quite a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist is tiring I think; I learnt to let loose after bb is born and now I have become very messy and lazy. What can I do?

My new goal:
I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy. I want to be clean and tidy.

Then, I hope I have some time to relax also le. Even though I have a day off on Monday, I still feel so tired and worn out. Hope the remaining of the week will be a fruitful one.