Monday, December 19, 2005

Mr. Sun

I had to send bb to mil house today as Fil is not able to pick him up this morning. There is this lovely Mr. Sun shining on his face and body. The little fellow called his kakak, “kak, Sun” asked her to cover the sun with his little security blanket while his head bent down a little to prevent the sun from hitting his face directly.

He definitely got this from me. I hate to be hit by the sun directly too. It’s just so uneasy, I reacted naturally. If I recalled correctly, when he was in my tummy, he would move away rudely creating commotion in my tummy when there was sun hitting towards my big tummy. Weird hah! Wonder does this happen to other baby and toddler too?

He grabbed his milk and a “Totoro” VCD that I just bought for him while sitting in his car seat. He loves this Totoro bear so much that he kept calling Totoro, Totoro, Totoro as if he is calling his best pal. Surprisingly, he loves this show and able to sit for quite some time concentrating on the story.


Zara's Mama said...

how old is bb again?

He could watch the totoro CD? Isn't it a bit 'chim' (deep/difficult)?

Allyfeel said...

Bb is 2 years, 1 month n 1 day old.

Actually, I love the show..hehe...speedy video had this cheapo version only $9.90. I reckon, it's so cute, just buy see whether he likes it or not, if not I can watch ma.... :)

ya, I think quite chim, it's in Cantonese, he only know how to call "Totoro" and "Chi Tzi" the little girl's name in the show. I think why he is interested is bcoz Chi Tzi is about his age, looking at her action make him relate.

A-Li said...

hehe, i loved the show too. ei, he did not feel scared watching at the 'mui tan si guai'- the charcoal spirit meh?

by the way,totoro is a cat...:P! Anybody would have loved 'chi tzi'. she is so adorable !! * :> **

Allyfeel said...

ya hor ah li. "Long Mao" should be a cat. How come I call it the bear? Must be the huge size and fur that made me think so.

Ya he is aware of the 'mui tan si guai'. Whenever he wants to be naugty and go to the store room to pull out the vacuum cleaner, I will tell him the 'mui tan si guai' is inside. haha!

mom2ashley said...

actually it never happened to us when i was pregnant with ashley...mmm...interesting..

i've never heard of totoro though..i've got lots to learn...

Allyfeel said...

Hehe..neither do my husband. He has never seen the movie as well. :)

This Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki is very famous. Try em.