Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bb is sick

A day after visiting the Zoo bb fell sick, not because of the zoo, I hope not. When he came back from Mil’s house, he was perfectly okay except he slept extraordinary early at 9pm. I thought may be bb is tired and wanted to rest early.

I then went down to watch some show, after a disc, I headed back to the room and checked on him. OMG! He was like a pot of hot kettle. I grabbed a thermometer to check, it showed 38.4 degree, freaked out, I called hubby to help out with medicine while I sponged him. His face was rosy red, eyes still closed. As usual refused medicine, cry out loud but settled with a bottle of water and as active, played with the thermometer. He then purged watery stool. I monitored him the entire night just to make sure he was okay as he has history of fever as high as 40 degree and was admitted to hospital for 3 days in 2004. I was worried sick.

I took a day of on Wednesday to send him to the pediatrician, just to make sure he was free of any ulcers or infections. He was as active and as mischievous as usual, trying to communicate his baby words to strangers, smiling all the time with nurses, running around non-stop, kicking the Christmas ornaments on the tree with his powerful leg.

After chatted with the lady Dr, I brought bb back to mil house to grab some porridge that she has cooked before she went out for her weekly entertainment – “Mah Jong”. Sri fed bb the porridge in the car. He took a few spoonfuls of them. My maid called “madam, tengok (See)”, she was giggling, bb fell asleep with porridge still in his mouth, hahaha! Sri and myself giggled non-stop, bb must have heard it, he opened a bit of his eyes, gave us a smile and fell back to sleep, his head was hovering around before it rested on the car seat.

Bb spent the entire day at home watching his favorite show my neighbor Totoro, his current favorite “kipper the dog”.

I am back to work today. I hope he is better already; I don’t like that butterfly in the stomach feeling. Now, I am down with flu and sore throat pula.

Bb mommy loves you a lot! Lots of Kisses….mmuuuuuuaaaahhh, get well soon.


geetha said...

Hope mother and son is feeling much better. I know how it can feel when ur bb is sick.

And you take care of yourself too. The last time my boy was sick, I was the first to get it from him.

King's wife said...

biasa lah, kids get fever and infection.
hope he recovers soon. And that you are getting better too.

jazzmint said...

hope he's better now and u take care too..bug flu around the corner!!

Lazymama said...

Get well soon, bb!

p/s: You also an expert of Photoshop, very nice pictures you have posted.

Zara's Mama said...

Hope he gets well soon.
Baby falls ill, mummy will be the one worry sick one loh.

But if he's still so playful and active, I think he'll recover soon.

Jesslyn said...

poor bb & mummy...get well soon ya..

A-Li said...

take care la.. :) dont worry about your look when u r sick la! fiy, you are always pretty in my eyes! blink blink!

Twin said...

hope bb is well now. And you?? Better from your sore-throat and flu oredi? Take care .. new year is around the corner.

mom2ashley said...

awww...hope bb gets well sooN!!!

Zara's Mama said...

Btw, Happy New Year to you and your family!

Allyfeel said...

geetha, King's wife, jazzmint, Zara's Mama, Jesslyn, Twin, mom2ashley,
Thank you! BB is all right now and I have just recovered from my fever, sore throat and flu. I guess all mothers feel the same, when their precious little one get sick, it's out responsibility to make sure they r okay, that's why sometime we over react. :)

Thanks! Just main main only. You also very good in Photoshop what... :P

Not worried la, just don't feel like going out when having flu. u know la, a crying like face is no fun also, I can't enjoy myself either. Thank you! let's wish we all pretty pretty through out the new year. :)

Happy New year to you and family. May the new year brings with it joy, health and wealth.