Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Crazy weekend

Weekend was crazy. We attended my friend’s wedding party on Friday, a friend’s 1yr-old daughter’s birthday party on Saturday night, my friend’s wedding ceremony on Sunday morning, BB cousin’s full moon party on Sunday afternoon, a wedding dinner on Sunday. Phew! I can hardly breathe. I was deprived of sleep and brain dead. My body wasn’t belonging and listened to me on Monday. I was so blur the whole day.

Slept at 9pm yesterday, feeling much better today. Sometimes I am so busy that I can’t remember whether I have been to the loo for big business or not. After so much food over the weekend, usually I will clean my colon by taking fiber, so I took Phyto Fiber.

I was a bit delighted as bb has been a good boy when we brought him to dinner. He played with my friend’s boy and didn’t bother me so much. I was enjoying my food and my chatting with friends. Hope this will last long.

I had just finished a wedding presentation for my best friend’s brother. His wedding is on this Saturday. Aiyo…broke again this month. The amount of ang pow money that I have to give, causing me ache in my heart and purse.


mom2ashley said...

what a full weekend you had!

Zara's Mama said...

This the season to be pokai, fa la la lala, lala lala... :P

This is wedding seasons ler..

Luckily none of my friends getting married. *PHEW*

You have been so busy, so even by eating all the rich food, you'll still burn the calories by running about. :P

Allyfeel said...

mom2ashley, ya I would rather enjoying relaxing time in Andaman than running about like this.

Zara's mama, wah people pokai u r like so shiok one? I cham lo. Hopefully, don't want to be tua pui ler.