Friday, December 16, 2005

Long overdue project

Few weeks ago, I stumbled upon my long overdue project in the store room.

Know what is this?

Hehe… It was my first attempt to make soap from scratch. It’s been almost a year ago. After finishing them, I just left it there to age. Little did I know that a short period of age turned out to be a year? This is best described with the Malay proverb “Hangat hangat tahi ayam”. *Embarrassed smile*

I was very excited over this project. It took me quite a while to get the one very important element for the soap saponification process. That’s Sodium Hydroxide.

Earlier on when I was working in KL, I used to frequent KLCC’s Kinokuniya for soap making book. After reading them for a while, I started experiment it. After a long period of searching, thanks to Ah-li my friend, who directed me to the right person who is working along this soap making line; she gave me some sodium sample, of coz it’s the diluted version, I had to play around with the water amount. It’s not easy to come by this sodium coz one needs to apply for a license from Ministry of Health in order to use it.

I started with a basic three oil soap.

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Sodium Hydroxide.

It was very fun seeing it forming harder and harder becoming soap. I didn’t add in enough fragrant for this batch as it was my first attempt. It turns out to smell like “ah-ne-ne” soap. Hahaha!

This is how the final soap looked like after packaging.


mom2ashley said...

they look very nice! good as gifts!

Poulotte said...

it is very pretty and looks professionally done. and yes, i again have the privi to look at them in real.

but i must agree it smells like stale oil. perhaps could be you kept it too long ago?

add lotsa fragrance and it can be air freshener. very nice.

Jesslyn said...

u hv interest in making soap? Good, can DIY & give away as present too!

Sue said...

The finished product looks very nice :)

A-Li said...

we actually did some experiment in school making soap ...if i can recall .....errr...u r in 'perdagangan' hor?! :P I recalled the colour is the same as i can match that colour with my neighbour's (ah-ne-ne) laundry soap! sudah lama, now people use laundry powder liao!

Zara's Mama said...

Wow, you also quite artistic/creative woh... I like the final packaging..

very good christmas present!

Allyfeel said...

Hello everybody, Thank you, I think it makes a nice gift only it smell nice. Unfortunately, it didn't. But I will give it a try again in the near future. This time round, I will put in more fragrant and perhaps some color and texture. :)

jazzmint said...

wah nice leh with the packaging..maybe need to add some *hiong sui* to make it more fragrant and cover the aneh smell hehe..I was oso interested.but look only, cause the ingredients looks like whoa...where the heck gonna find in KL :p

Allyfeel said...

Jazzmint, yalor...lotsa "hiong sui". Actually the only problem is the sodium, the rest can get easily from super market or bakery shop.

For a hobby is ok la...but thinking of selling it, no way. Look at Jaya jusco, whenever there is sales, the candle and soap is the one that have 70% reduction. Sad!

domesticgoddess said...

I guess you can consult earthtone (maria's sis) on how to get rid of the a-neh-neh smell. She's a soap making expert.

Allyfeel said...


Thanks for the advice.I will if I have the opportunity. Now she is so busy with her baby, don't want to disturb la.

I guess I just have to pour in more fragrant to make it smell good. GUess I was too stingy...hehe! :)