Monday, December 12, 2005

Activities with bb on weekend

It was a usual weekend but hubby was working on Saturday leaving bb and I at home. I cooked for bb, what did I cook har….err…oh ya...dry oyster and scallop herbal soup with Spiralli. I am glad that he ate 2 small bowls of them. We stayed home the entire day sleeping and playing together.

I printed out some color foot prints and played walking while calling out colors with him.

We went out to have steam boat dinner later when hubby came back. On the way to the restaurant, bb got so excited when he saw a Santa Claus giving out free gift. “ta claus, ta claus” he pointed. He Kept looking at Mr. Santa, he adored him so much.

He ran around in the restaurant disturbing all the ladies, seeking attention. Yes, only ladies. *rolled eyes* He saw a nice girl in the restaurant and started tailing her. Hubby said, when he grows up, he might be a good girl chaser. Huh? *Mommy Headache liao* Please don’t la, if he brings different girl come back to sleep every weekend, I will pengsan lol.

On Sunday, I brought bb to a morning explorer class. He has been upgraded from a walker class to an explorer class which he will be taught imagination.

I guess it’s a good timing now as he has started imagining with his grandma at home. He would park his bicycle and go towards the wooden door and use his thumb and index finger from both hands to grab food for grandma and his doggie and feed them to their mouth. Now, he is even cheekier by putting all the food to his own mouth only. What a selfish little boy, never want to share with us his food except his doggie.

Another skill is imitating me again. This time he will imitate me praying. He will take joss stick from the drawer himself and wanted me to light it. I will just pretend to light it; he is ok by pretending as well, never demand to actually light it up. He will mimic everything from kneeling to mumbling words to bowing and put the unlighted joss stick back on his own. *smile*


Zara's Mama said...

Hey, if BB continues to be a skirt chaser, his next birthday the cakes you shared in your earlier post can be his birthday cake liao. *LOL*

Btw, what is morning explorer class?

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Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama, haha..very funny! *rolled eyes*

It's Gymboree explorer class, it focus on language development and story telling plus the usual play activities.

It's quite fun. I brought bb to Music Kinder in Ikano b4 as well, but thought that this Gymboree class is actually better. He is more sociable now than before.

Thanks for your info abt Dr. Seager's. What is ur yahoo id or Msn id, perhaps we could talk in more details. Please drop ur contact at my email :) TQ!

mom2ashley said...

hey..all you mommies (zara, maria, jazzmint) are cooking like noone's business - i want to learn how to cook as well! i'm realy hopeless pls share your recipes!;)

Allyfeel said...

mom2ashley, I am equally bad in cooking but very eager to learn and experiment. haha... hey like the old saying "Practice makes perfect". :)