Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An Early Learning Centre?

Mil sent bb to a trial Early Learning Centre class yesterday morning. I think it was about half and hour. She told me that instead of admitted bb to the 2-yr plus class, he was being introduced to a 3 yr old class because there was a 2 yr old girl who will make a big fuss out of stranger. She will scream and refuse any kid other than her own friend to join the class.

So bb was in the 3yr plus class and he shook hands with about 20 kids in the class like a big shot and VIP according to mil. What a waste I wasn’t there to witness the historical moment. He joined them for some activities, he also commented on people’s slide “NOT NICE” to play. *speechless* Even so, according to mil he had great fun and pointed to go back to the class as there were leaving the centre.

Later of the day, he was like a chatterbox yakking non stop. He spoke to his father over the phone, mentioning every single thing that he could see around him.

My Mil siap siap ambil the registration form home also. Whao…..registration per year 180, material fees per year 280, and the cheapest half a day class is from 9 to 11:30, Monday to Friday and it cost 300 per month. All in all if he is to enroll to this ELC class, first time payment would be the handsome amount of RM760. Umm…scratch head. Does he need this at such young age? Do we want to start paying all these expensive fees this early? But then again, it’s kind of fun to see him enjoying himself and open up more to socialize. I have yet to discuss this with hubby. I guess meanwhile we can just let him go for trial classes first.

How did mil know about these classes one? Oh… her exercise friend told her so. They send their grandchild there. No wonder!


Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. got such a spoil brat in 2yr old class?

ELC.. hmm.. I think nowadays, nursery is about that price. Big money.

BB how old liao? 3 next year? If he enjoys it, maybe can consider.

mom2ashley said...

ya precisely. i agree with agnes. what a spoiled brat until cannot allow strangers to be near her....they shouldnt give in to this...that girl will just grow up to be more of a spoiled brat la.

child education these days are not cheap. but guess what? parents are STILL willing to pay a certain extent.

jazzmint said...

wow expensive huh...time to think if we should start childcare center ourselves to earn big bucks :P

A-Li said...

very true jazzmint, should start one. make sure u get a degree, and u can charge even more! :P !!!

Metria said...

Daycare here in Melbourne is even more expensive. And for schools, I hear there's a 2 year waiting list!

I think the best thing to do is find some mothers in your area and set up your own kind of daycare, each week the kids will gather in a different house.


But nowadays neighbours are not like before huh, so I think this will be hard.

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama, Yes according to MIL.

You are right, bb is turning 3 next year even though he is a november baby. Just discussed this with hubby, we might send him to the ELC class and also register him for a chinese primary. Time flies....

Mom2ashley, that's according to mil la, not sure how the teacher can gave in to her.

Precisely, and we are gonna send him there next year. Sigh...

Jazzmint, Ah-li,
Good Money but tough job. My SIL used to own one but closed down eventually, lotsa politic, lotsa work...not easy. I don't mind paying I guess...

Metria, ya to do it also when I am working ler? Unless I am like my friend, shake legs, no need to work than can la. I am not saying u...hehehe.

She meet up with mainly mat salleh wifes and babies, they have meeting each week at different people's house but again no activities, just chit chat and coffee sipping.

What I need now is for bb to learn something useful while socializing. Killing 2 birds with one stone. :)

Poulotte said...

lucky kid these days. wish they have something like these for adults too...where they let u go crazy playing all day long. how joyful.

Allyfeel said...

Hmm... ya if there is nothing to worried about in this world, I don't mind. :P We can go together also hor?